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A good 2v2 but what were my mistakes ?

Posted: 06 Oct 2018, 23:40
by Hetzer 1992

This was a nice match between me & Okmanyiroda VS Raweshau & Necon . I had quite an intense battle in the middle against Raweshau but eventually lost :)

Any idea what I did wrong along the match that set me back ?

2v2 - High Valley
(4.19 MiB) Downloaded 77 times

Re: A good 2v2 but what were my mistakes ?

Posted: 07 Oct 2018, 21:50
by Shanks
how I hate that the hetzer no longer has flanking speed

note:you use the units that you should use, but you just need to be more attentive and move them better, the PE units are very expensive to lose them. Also use the ifanteria with mp40 of PE at the beginning of the game and the AT with high explosive vs USA in game early, you will give it a big blow ... try to surround the enemy infantry always, the same for the tanks ... also, I would recommend you use the henschel when you have vision the next time

Re: A good 2v2 but what were my mistakes ?

Posted: 08 Oct 2018, 13:56
by Warhawks97
1. If you play 2 US vs two PE then one should go for logistic company. US is generally weak in defending against Massive scout car deployment and AT guns can be aggressively rushed. This map is however not best suited as two AT guns can easily cover a wide area of this map. Still US doesnt know what to expect so it either has a weakness vs infantry or vehicles. If one goes straight for vehicles and the other for inf, then one can weakness can be exploited.
2. Never make this early inf rush as PE and build first building with a second squad. You can get easily overruned by rifles/jeeps/engineers and you have a limited unit mix. You might not be the first at an important location but with more units you can stand your ground much easier and keep a point neutral. Lately i had huge success with deploying Grens/Stormpios with stgs, AT gun and more grens. I even started with inf squads early on and AT gun. It was quite a huge success.
3. Not enough that you got outnumbered, you also send your second squad to cap. Also no need for HMG... it takes all ammo you could have used for nades and AT guns HE rounds. Use krad or schwimmwagen for capping. Un-upgraded PE inf is very slow in capturing. So send them to combat and krads for cap!
4. Due to mistake number 3 and 1 your mate got flanked an lost all. At that time you actually lost the fight and game should have been over in 6 minutes.
You had been lucky that Raweshau expected lots of vehicles and building two AT guns. Else he would have smashed you with rifles and Snipers.
5. At min 10 the game would have been over. If raweshau would have behaved correctly and adjusted to your gameplay he would have got a few vehicles and 57 mm AT HT as back up defence. In fact a greyhound, M20 and 57 mm. Instead he rushed up for tank depot. Stop watching at this point.

So as PE bring all combat units to frontline and use krad as cap unit, more diversity, dont do that second unit as builder squad thing unless its coordinated with your mate.
Know the strenght of your units. In this case use the good grens and their K98 for ranged combat and if possible always from green cover. Dont let anyone get too close but for that case you can put schwimmwagen/scout car behind your infantry as mobile MG unit or AT gun with HE or use stormpios with stg to neglect all attempts of rifle squad to come close. That way your k98 beats them at range or MG vehicles and stgs when they get closer.

And dont build the HMG42 or at least not so often, esspecially when lacking main combat units that provide flanking protection etc. If you put a scout car to secure a sector right behind the gren it also works as suppression unit with 360 dgree fire arc.

I continued to watch and all sides made mistakes. The most important mistakes is the lack of vehicles deplyoed by both sides. Greyhounds, M20, sdkfz 222 with 20 mm canon, M16 AA HT etc etc.

You failed to get proper reconassaince later on an got too greedy. Each time you tried to take a point you wasted your entire army. Hetzer support and acted often seperated from inf. Also your enemie knew the location as he had reconassaince and saw where you tried to set up an ambush.

Your mate overreacted when he saw shermans. he got like 4 AT guns and nashorn. One AT gun and nashorn would have been by far enough. He got his Wespe also far too late.

On US side raweshau could have beaten both of you many times in early game. He failed to estimate the lossses he inflicted to you and thus failed to exploit the lack of defense on your side. His rush for shermans kept you alive as you had time to get anti tank units just in time.

necon failed to get any vehicle as mobile defense and reconassaince forces and build his supply yard too late so he had just 222 mp per min. Later he got the supply yard but failed to upgrade so the income remained at low 257 mp per min.

Your mate wasted too much MP for unnecessary defenses in an arty game and also got wespe too late,

Raweshau made the mistake to go for pershing knowing he goes vs luft and SE that use TD´s, henschels, powerfull inf etc. US had to get more anti air and simply more shermans.

So both sides and all players did their mistake. But you shouldnt be so greedy and nervous once losing a bit. Regroup and rebuild your army and combeback instead of sending every new unit into the death.

Re: A good 2v2 but what were my mistakes ?

Posted: 20 Oct 2018, 13:25
by Flett
Awesome breakdown of that game, Warhawks97. I learned so much after reading your post bro. I usually panic like that as well and make bad situations much worse a lot of the time. Panicking and overreacting are the habits I really need to shake.