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Dont Shoot my Hotchkiss! (Trolling)

Posted: 15 May 2018, 18:49
by Warhawks97
Here is a 3 vs 3 at old Road to cherbough map (Allied team hosted it, not axis!!.
Version 5.14.

Blitz (Kommodore)
Blitz (inver.khatit) Srsly, i am not sure if this was not some sort of a program used by player to controle his units. I know such bots from world of warships when players are too lazzy to play by themselves. But he defniatly had no kind of res boost. I checked it in the replay.
TH (me)


Wurf (armor)
Super_Dank_fire (Inf)
Gl├╝cksritter (AB)

As the name said it was intended to be trolling first. Whenever i see a team of US only i cant take it really serious unless i would meet a sukin and some of his dudes.

My first idea was to troll arround with vehicles. Scout car and then 20. Almost worked but mistakes you know.
After that i wanted to get at least 4 hotchkiss to make an arty troll. But never got more than 3. So they killed many of my units and for a short time from then on they really got me to play more serious. When we retook controle of the game i went into the campers mode.
If you wonder why i am doing this now? Well i dont like heavy camping.
But ive got fucking mad again. When i played games as US lately i just got "rofl*rocketed" into dust nonstop. So, just as it was when 88 spam made me sick and forcing me into a crusade (by spamming 88 myself untill everybody got a rageout) i gonna do (not exactly) the same with rocket arty spam. It seems the the current favoured way of playing is to play Terror paired with TH doc. Rushing for Puma, hetzer/Stug IV, Hotchkiss and bomb untill panther arrives to kill what has survived that rain. And unless you got a good start or CW support you have little or no options to stop it.

US faction has lots of flaws despite some cosmetic battle stat changes. Its super dependent on CW. Axis can troll teams that consist only of US in a billion ways. PE will rape them with vehicles, WH can camp it into ground and decide to either rape them with Minitigers (tank IV), 20 mm vehicle spam or guided artillery or a mix of all of that.
You can just rush AT guns with 20 mm vehicles which will also take on greyhounds and stuff quite easily. You can make easy rider with Minitiger, passing their mid tier defenses and troll the shermans. Or perhaps wait for the "Doomsday Monster Machines". You can just as well stg*ing them with laser based assault rifles.

The current self proclaimed BK elite player US gameplay looks very much like this: 2xRecons, 2xSniper, 2xlight AT gun and "sniper you through". The next step is off map arty, calli/jumbos and pray that you made enough progress before the "Mad-hunter" Hetzers and stugs will take vengeance and before rockets start beating the last shit out of your scumbag rifles and shermans.

This round i hoped to have at least one terror (i actually expected it) dude on my side for the ultimate "Hellsrain" of rockets but the Maultier units did much better as a expected. Fired and used from a bot like player they did take a bloody toll from their enemies.

My current unlock order with TH is Hetzer->Cheap production-> Zimmerit(or gunsight)->Vet for tanks
This way you get very fast and cheap a durable and capable defense and arty. Yes, Hotchkiss are count as tanks thus gain Zimmerit and vet as well. Thus shorter cooldown and better accuracy.
The Gunsight upgrades spares you a lot of ammo and helps using hotchkiss effectievly while hetzer act as secondary recon units.
The H&H combo (Hetzer and hotchkiss) is one of the best you can get. No tank or vehicles will pass (untill pershings which still must take care) and your hotchkiss are offensive as well as defensive. Your hetzer can mark any target so a inf squad paired with schwimmwagen can quickly rape every incoming infantry as well.
Hotchkiss is the one of cheapest, earliest available, self defending, unlimited arty unit which has one of the greatest damage potential that comes out with vet 1 later.

pls, take a look at min 30 or 34 or so. That moment when that single half HP Tank IV sits in the middle of US territory -alone- and facing a 76 sherman and AT squad. It kills the 76 sherman oneshot, boncing the 76 sherman in return, bouncing three bazookas and killing one AT squad (and i think one cqc).
Later a 50 mm triggerd a "frontal-rear hit" on a jumbo and pen it (100% pen chance). Devs argue that mediums would be too strong when rear pen vs heavies goes up a bit.... but 50 mm can pen any heavy US tank from rear with 100% chance at any range.

Re: Dont Shoot my Hotchkiss! (Trolling)

Posted: 16 May 2018, 10:20
by Tiger1996
Axis can troll teams that consist only of US in a billion ways.

I just want to say that Axis teams that consist only of WH are also trolled to death when all the opponents are CW.

Re: Dont Shoot my Hotchkiss! (Trolling)

Posted: 16 May 2018, 18:25
by Warhawks97
Tiger1996 wrote:
Axis can troll teams that consist only of US in a billion ways.

I just want to say that Axis teams that consist only of WH are also trolled to death when all the opponents are CW.

Untill the Puma with 20 mm comes out. At the point you got recon, 50 mm AT, mortar, Puma and perhaps your AT squad (and a volks squad from early stages) you can start trolling brits as well and start repeated attacks. Taking out 1-3 cruical brits units can ruin them entirely.
So the WH vs CW situations seems far worse as the Solo US vs Solo PE or solo WH situations (in 3 vs 3 games and 4 vs 4.... less in 2 vs 2).

The main reason axis teams in 3 vs 3 and 4 vs 4 fail to beat a mix of CW US is that PE and WH players have a too much mirrored opening stage. Esspecially since "OP" Boys AT have spread huge fears among PE to open with vehicles and thus building Infantry building first which makes them even more mirrored to WH.