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Two 2 vs 2 games

Posted: 18 Apr 2018, 01:39
by Warhawks97
Here are two 2 vs 2 games. One last night and one from this.
Version 5.14

One is at martainville:

Apposso (armor)
me (inf)


Kwok (TH?)
Shadow (Terror)

The other is at Bizory.

Me (Terror)
Wolf (BK)


Mefisto (armor)
CPU Normal (Arty)

Bizory is the best example why playing WH is such kind of fun. Either you die in an heroic End battle or you simply make a comeback. Terror doc is very good when you are at very low res. Your units are still capable.

Re: Two 2 vs 2 games

Posted: 19 Apr 2018, 14:22
by Tiger1996
As for the game on Martainville, I was actually watching Shadow's stream on that one.. but I don't have much to say about it.

Regarding the other one at Bizory, I really don't understand why Fuzzors went RA but not RE doc.. an early Churchill could have finished it!
Keeping in mind they had all the fuel... Nice vet.4 Sniper from ur side though.