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Super Pershing last stand?

Posted: 13 Feb 2018, 17:22
by Tiger1996

Me -> Blitz doctrine.

Powder -> Tank Hunter doctrine.



Wurf -> Armor doctrine.

The New BK Champion -> RAF doctrine.
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Despite my heavy casualties, we were still able to push our opponents back to base.. but then a Super Pershing appeared, causing havoc and delaying our victory... Replay file attached in the video description.

Re: Super Pershing last stand?

Posted: 19 Feb 2018, 14:17
by Warhawks97
I had the time now to watch more of that game.

But a few things i dont get:

1. Why getting tiger?
2. Why did you play literally without spotters. I would never get a tiger without having an idea what my enemie has
3. Why you guys didnt simply continue to get out Panzer IV J´s, Hetzers and 20 mm armed vehicles. Those are just lovely on this map bc you can rush wherever you want. Pumas fast turret rotation makes it to be superioir to any other vehicle on this map. You could have rushed these damn 17 pdrs without that those could have fired a single shot. Recons and light vehicles. Everything else can be done by Panzerschrecks and hidden TD´s.
4. Why using so often that res trade. I mean there was no kind of emergency nor was there "a right moment" where you need a certain unit urgently. Like when i see a moment created in chaos that demands a Panther now (and not one min later) to ultimately finish my opponents. I think that was some sort of miss res managment. For example you could have created chaos with pumas and Tank IV J and ine one certain moment using res trade to quickly get the finisher units.
5. When the SP came and pushed forward, why didnt you just keep attacking the base with your masses of tanks. The SP cant push one side and defend at the same time. Its called binding enemie forces and ressources. You throw away the controle for now reason and fought the threat directly. Furthermore you could have used simple "offensive camp" tactics. Hidding IV/70 or Jagdpanthers, Schreck squads into houses (i mean you had billions of res) or simply double panther that single silly tank. But the best idea both of you got was long range shot and a even slower Jagdtiger. I Jagpanther has a guranteed penetration with AP from ambush and able to oneshot sp. From a range of 75. Additionally IVV70´s could be brought in. And the best units that came to counter SP was to build a unit to which the SP is supposed to be the counter?
6. Try to understand BK as chess game instead of a boxing fight.

At min 35-36: I think this is what ive been saiyng all day long what pisses me off so often. After 20 mins usually axis do simply start bombarding every suspected area. They dont need to have an idea what is where. They simply start bombarding the entire maps. Not bc they have to, bc they fucking can. With their 0 CP, cheap available far reaching arty that is spread over all docs but Luftwaffe. And this kills all the fun. No matter how nice the opening game was with dynamic movments. No matter how good you encountered axis and positioned yourself.... The "map clustering" brings everything back to the initial situation right after game start.

On top of that i was betting all the time that the left side is free so far (just a 17 pdr and single inf squad but 17 pdr moved the other side). I would have got my beloved Puma, perhaps even two and rushing everything. Then following with volks and stug or Panzer IV J of which there could have been dozens already. But nope... lets use arty.

Re: Super Pershing last stand?

Posted: 19 Feb 2018, 20:00
by Tiger1996
I think the Tiger tank was totally worth it in that game, and I was still able to spam Panzer4s as well as Ostwinds, I always bring Tiger1 against Armor.
Also had some Stugs via the off-map support... I lacked spotters, true.. but I felt like there was nothing to spot for anyway. Since I already knew where his stuff were hiding all the time! Though, those Marine Commandos surely wouldn't have been as deadly if I used some spotters.
Lastly, I think the RAF airstrikes were far more deadly than my single Maultier truck though! We lost so much inf cause of these airplanes...

Re: Super Pershing last stand?

Posted: 20 Feb 2018, 20:45
by Warhawks97
I would never go tiger when facing armor doc. I prefer to outspam them with tank IV´s. I also switched over to Stug IV since HE rounds work. One good HE and you might have vet 1 and tada, a nice td that counters armor doc. Two of these things and you can almost write gg to armor doc.

Also its always a good thing to have 20 mm puma. Esspecially vs commandos i wouldnt go without. Stacking behind infantry can prevent you from getting slaughtered by commandos. Unless they pick up a zook or schreck there is little they can do against it. Also ostwind.

if anything armor doc can beat, its Tigers. The tiger was a bad choice for many reasons.

1. The map. Little room to maneuver and escape airplanes while in return can get outflanked by these many roads
2. little possibilites to use your range advantage (esspecially ALRS)
3. Lots of ambush chances: TD´s, zooks and even piats can be a great danger on this map
4. Armor doc has jacksons and Pershings. and RAF achilles.
5. Commandos in general are good vs big cats. Lucky that tigers have flank speed.
6. Mines can be devestating. I used mines with TH doc for example on this map with huge success. Same at duclair. The reason is that there are always the same paths vehicles must go. So AT mines have often been my first unlock with TH (and back then RE).

Re: Super Pershing last stand?

Posted: 20 Feb 2018, 22:30
by Tiger1996
Warhawks97 wrote:The map. Little room to maneuver and escape airplanes while in return can get outflanked by these many roads

Surprisingly though, this is one of the very few maps where I have often used the Tiger1 most effectively as far as I recall... I think it's due to the speed bonus that the roads are providing to the Tiger all the time.