[1vs1] Luft Panthers

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[1vs1] Luft Panthers

Postby Tiger1996 » 26 Dec 2017, 17:45

Me as Airborne doctrine against Frost as Luftwaffe doctrine.

I have had in total 12 games as 1vs1 with Frost, I won 10 times in the row.. but then I also recently lost 2 times in the row!
First as Airborne and then another he played as Luftwaffe the other way around, so here I upload the 2nd one...
After all, it's astonishing to see how quickly someone can improve :)

SnapShot 2.jpg
Video Thumbnail

2 other 1vs1 games I had vs him in the past are also linked on the first post, or I mean.. my pinned comment.

Enjoy watching and happy holidays ;) Even though there are no holidays currently where I live, but anyway :P

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