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Marking Replays - please read!

Posted: 10 Sep 2017, 13:36
by Kr0noZ

since this has mostly turned into a section for discussing replays above all else, I would like to set some basic standard for posting replays:

1. Put the played version of the mod in the Title in Brackets, like [4.9.8] oder [5.0.0], this helps by letting other players know which version they need in order to watch. This hasn't been a big issue for a while as no patches have been released, but now this might change so it's really a nice touch to be informative here
2. BK has various additions, which I bet will come back around even IF a new patch breaks them for a while (Afrika Addon for example). So plese specify if you have been playing with any of these enabled, as replays from addons won't work without them
3. Give some basic information in the post: Map Name and factions are bare basics, more Info can include time played or players involved as well as specific times to watch out for specific things. This can tell people what to expect and maybe pay attention to specific things to give feedback on, making it more helpful for you and others.
4. replays should always be uploaded as attachements here on the forums (if the replay is a youtube vid, that would still be great so people can wathc the game themselves and look at other parts of the battle)