Paso scelta di cuore <3

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Paso scelta di cuore <3

Postby sgtToni95 » 07 Aug 2017, 21:54

Just had a game on La Fiere with my 525 mate Paso95 which has not been playing for quite a long time.
Teams might have not been totally even, but the game was globally decent and didn't seem to be in our favour till the late phases i guess, you'll judge.

Axis: me - def, paso - TH, Hawks - BK
Allies: shanks - inf, CPU - Armor, Mily - RE

(3.68 MiB) Downloaded 54 times

Any critics, suggestions, and non balance related comments are welcome :)

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Re: Paso scelta di cuore <3

Postby Warhawks97 » 07 Aug 2017, 23:02

I watched the replay already. Our teamplay failed in early stage. More clear roles and build orders and we would have won between 8 and 15 min.
Toni could have got few more vehicles. esspecially 234 with 75 mm if avaulable in def doc.

Paso was focused on late game from the beginning. Instead vehicle rush left side (faster win but more risky) he choosed the save way and thats why he got TH for late game.

Later on our teamplay was vastly superior to allied which had better in the beginning.

i will give more precious details tomorrow or so. However allied later did huge mistakes.

1. Armor went for AT units like pershing and SP vs TH doc. he could have finished the game arround middle with pure spam of e8 or so. RE also. When he had many res the battlegroup call in would have finished us at some point.
2. Inf did good arty job. But later he failed a bit in other support (medical supply with ambulance trucks everywhere), HMG emplacments, Reconassaince, snipers, 107 mm mortar, M16 HT´s, M20 patroles, emplacment repairs from CW dude, M10 ambush, HE sherman to cover 17 pdr, Trenches filled with rifles etc. As inf doc just go in scale and support in late game. Pure head on vs Ostwind, Jagdpanther and SS squad is suicide.

Inf dude got supply yard quite late, non of them fully upgraded them.

Oh. And i wouldnt mind if that small storm squad would have satchels. Basically the hotchkiss dealed also little damage to RE emplacments oO.

Reason why i didnt get stuh: I hate the unit. Not bc its not usefull from time to time. I just dont like the gameplay of stuh and stupa. Thats why i never build them.

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Re: Paso scelta di cuore <3

Postby Shanks » 07 Aug 2017, 23:16

It was fun, there were not people who said "OP allies" or "OP axis", our team play was not good, sgto Toni and his team were, clearly superior to us, in the final stage

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Re: Paso scelta di cuore <3

Postby Medic Truck » 07 Aug 2017, 23:45

Wow, nice game.

Good Axis gameplay. Aliies were good too but I guess moves like aggressive pushes into hungry Jagdpanther. Like Warhawks said, should have gone the Sherman route.

The major missing unit was Sherman HE imo here.

During the last moments, that Jagdtiger was just standing there using 17 pounder to cure its itch. That was damn funny before it got stuka'd or artied.

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Re: Paso scelta di cuore <3

Postby Tiger1996 » 08 Aug 2017, 15:40

Warhawks97 wrote:Oh. And i wouldnt mind if that small storm squad would have satchels. Basically the hotchkiss dealed also little damage to RE emplacments oO.

So glad to hear that! Hope if MarKr can see this :P

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