Hard game

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Hard game

Postby Warhawks97 » 29 Jul 2017, 00:36

So... Background of this game was that illa wanted to battle me due to my posts about armor doc and 57 mm AT. He told me about very strong CW early and so on. We had a "disputation" in steam prior to this match. He dont want the "buffs" i proposed for US because his opinion was that it would make the allis even more OP. So he and his team went for double CW to show how strong CW is.

I am not denying it. But well. We are now friends again and i am glad about it. I am rustly old BK men but maybe not as much as he tought :P

La chaudiere revised

Lehr (Luft)
Wurf (BK)
Me (Def)

It was the first time i played def doc in a serious pvp game! For a while i had no idea what to go for except the defensive upgrade being the first to get. Reason was that Wurf wanted BK doc.


Illa and his team

(Danika) RE
Illa and done RAF and arty doc.

That game was massive from the start. But stormpio spam and MG42 did very well against CW.

We destroyed several trucks from the start.
Also one officer off map killed 3 or 4 units at once. Best moment of the game :D

RE was almost down after losing two comets "just like that". But sadly Wurf didnt use that chance with his two panthers to clear the table.

My feelings of this and previous games i played as WH, PE and US against all factions.

1. Axis are quite "wastefriendly" till the moment from mid to late game (there you should try not lose too much anymore)
2. US is the opposite in early- mid stage from axis. Lose jeep and have rifles forced to retreat and you got locked. Esspecially the Mortar HT delay makes it hard for a come back unless you choosed inf doc.
3. The Boys AT need the better middle balance. Idk but in a 2 vs 2 the combo Boys, Lieutnant and sappers followed by inf section was extremly deadly combo. Best counter i could find was MG42 and stormpio spam and going close range.
4. CW became a lot more flexible during early stage. Aggressive and deadly (quite the opposite from old times)
5. When it comes to teamfights i find that CW makes up 70% of the allied power. No matter if Boys, sections, arty, vehicles or anti tank guns. WH and PE are much better balanced out between each other.
6. In this game in particular i do think that allied would have done better with one US player instead of tripple CW.... simply for the late game (zook, more units)
7. The comet is very powerfull with that new HE shell. Bounces schrecks, is fast and can now also kill infantry with HE rounds. But i think thats going to be changed next patch (iirc) so it wound bounce schrecks anymore hopefully.

all in all. Enjoy.

My last game at la chaudiere was exactly on 11.04.2015 :D

The game got desynced (said wurf) or not (said illa after the game)
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Re: Hard game

Postby Wurf » 29 Jul 2017, 01:05

On end it was desync certainly, after lehr and 97leave...Before this, hard to say if it was desync,maybe no, game was normally from my view. however nice game than my game crashed :-(

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Re: Hard game

Postby sgtToni95 » 29 Jul 2017, 08:24

I rarelly saw non crashed/desynced games on that map, add that all those trees and buildings make it hard for gpu and that's why La Chaudere is rarelly used. Game was nice till desync tho :)

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Re: Hard game

Postby Warhawks97 » 29 Jul 2017, 14:50

The map got an overhaul. Thats why revised. Things got changed to exactly prevent these crashes. The map got made "easier" for the pc.

I had two retreat bugs (pios and Mg42) at the beginning.

But so far i think i should have simply played docs that ive been used to play or In that one moment the Panthers could have end the game after the loss of two comet tanks.

As for me. I have to get a forward HQ earlier. Always wanted one but didnt know where to place it. So i made that bunker thing. And more grens and schreck squads and the TH with Panther canon much earlier.

Thats what i learned when i play def once more. And Arty units just for VT. Officer off map and def doc off map is more than enough arty most of the time and is also more precious.

Anyways. Looking forward to get more similiar games.

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Re: Hard game

Postby Panzer-Lehr-Division » 31 Jul 2017, 10:05

Good 3v3:)
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