Air here, air there, air everywhere

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Air here, air there, air everywhere

Postby sgtToni95 » 09 May 2017, 23:19

Hi everybody :)
Just had a nice game where all players picked air doctrines.

Map: Duclair

Dr.Strangelove: AB

EstadoMayor: Luft
Ethno: Luft

I started quite slow, paying attention just to lose as little units as possible, unfortunately i wasted 300 Mp on a triage center and let quite a few territories to my direct opponent.
Fortunately my good mate started quite aggressively, preventing both middle and his side ammo points from being captured by enemies and holding his ground nicely.
I got a comeback with glider and airstrike which killed a lot of my opponent's inf, securing my side and letting me help my mate being doubled untill the end.
Hope you'll enjoy ;)

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Re: Air here, air there, air everywhere

Postby Henny » 09 May 2017, 23:51

Wow! Great match, so many paratroopers everywhere

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