3v3 bloody gulch

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3v3 bloody gulch

Postby sgtToni95 » 05 May 2017, 23:02

Nice quite quick game, i managed to help both salvy and Nedkill while they were keeping their sides, enemy was very mobile with grens and fallshirm everywhere. Combat engies proove once again to be great with new flamethrower features, low fuel made losing 2 Recces quite painful, but at the end we did it.
Hope you'll enjoy ;)

-Me: RE
-Salvy: no need to say
-Nedkill: AB

-Oli: Luft
-Bad Rain: Luft
-Timay: Terror (?)

(1.96 MiB) Downloaded 16 times

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Re: 3v3 bloody gulch

Postby Redgaarden » 06 May 2017, 19:40

Timay had 3mp44 on his grens so he was terror.
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Re: 3v3 bloody gulch

Postby Tiger1996 » 06 May 2017, 22:08

sgtToni95 wrote:-Salvy: no need to say

Of course :D

Nice game there, even though I actually believe that the Pak40 should be slightly better against Churchills. it's kinda under-performing to be honest!

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