Luft carry 2v2

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Luft carry 2v2

Postby sgtToni95 » 03 May 2017, 17:27

Map: Bretonneux

Me -Luft
PanzerFather -Def (?)

Versace -Armor
Leg.Zoidberg -RAF

I thought this was quite unbalanced from the start, since PanzerFather is quite new to PvP, but we managed to win.
We had a nice start with scout cars thanks to high resources game, PanzerFather then held middle and his side very well with a lot of paks and mg nests, then Gebirs and a "VERY SKILLFULL" mortar halftrack managed to push on the other side with continuous attacks, with hetzers covering their back once enemy started deploying crusaders.

I wish someone will patiently comment and give some tips to PanzerFather, he's been a nice guy to me and i'd like to help him improving his gameplay. :)

Hope you enjoy!

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