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Series of 2v2 vs Wurf and Warlord

Posted: 01 Apr 2017, 09:06
by sgtToni95
Had a series of 2v2 against Wurf and Warlord last night:

-1st- MAP: Duclair
Me: RE
Paine: Inf
Wurf: Luft
Warlord: Terror
Don't have replay of this one, I invite Wurf/Warlord to post that one here if they kept it please, had a decent start at the very beginning against wurf's inf, tho we forgot to take fuel points as intended before the start so: NO churchills => luft paras => early Panther and it ended very quickly and so badly for Allies side.

-2nd- MAP: Duclair
Me: RE
Playbetter: AB
Wurf: Luft
Warlord: Blitzkrieg(?)

(1.19 MiB) Downloaded 34 times

Same map, different mate. The collaboration was really decent this time, coordinated attacks starting from the very beginning blocking warlord in base, then focusing on wurf. We managed to gain a very decent map control denying them high fuel sectors (as they did to us in the first game), and as soon as we poped out a not-so-early churchill Warlord gave up and Wurf soon after.

-3rd- MAP: High valley
Playbetter: Inf
Wurf: TH (?)
Warlord: Blitzkrieg

(1.35 MiB) Downloaded 47 times

Different map, same mate. Axis locked down middle with 2 mg42s very early, tho Playbetter's mortar came soon enough to throw one back a little and, when my Recce came, took care of the other one. Stealing a pak and building an mg locked down my direct opponent so we pushed on Playbetter's side with glider, some piats + boys and recce, pushing them almost to their base. Warlord left after losing a Pz.IV to my 17 and some inf to the airstrike. Wurf resisted for some time almost locked in his base.

Wanna thank our opponents for the nice games, and expecially playbetter to give me back some fun in playing bk: after i couldn't play for 2 weeks i was in a -13 losses streak which was very demoralizing (even if we joked on that with my mates), so i was very happy with theese cooperated victories :)
Hope you enjoy!