2v2 Wurf / Super_Dank v Paine / Some Russian Guy

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2v2 Wurf / Super_Dank v Paine / Some Russian Guy

Postby Paine » 19 Mar 2017, 15:07


Wurf Plays the way he always plays (Luft, Forward HQ, Gerbs, Pak, Mortar HT)

I counter using support units

Balanced fight

We trade losses evenly

Wurf takes territory because Gerbs don't need to retreat

1m away from Jumbo

Wurf base bombs to win

Wurf says I should post this replay, so he can laugh at me and call me "idiot"

so here it is.

How to Improve:

[*]Cap w/ spotter on flank

[*]Do not lose Quad, it is the only unit to protect Mortar

[*]Get more luck w/arty off-map (both arty missed)

[*]Don't walk around corners w/ inf when Gerbs are there :P
2v2 Wurf Paine.rec
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