PE TH doc (again)

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Re: PE TH doc (again)

Postby Warhawks97 » 25 Dec 2014, 16:29

Kasbah wrote:Yes I remember the 1100/200 Jagdpanther, it was really good, but I rarely built it because for less than that price I got the Tiger Ace (fuel free) which was therefore more effective, and also because of its turret and similar armor. Now jp is way more resistant than Tiger.

JP had more effective frontal armor. Also in its doc Zimmerit+vet and special damage calcutlation systems due to vcoh and 200 HP more than a Panther.

Also yeah, it was rare, and? whats wrong? if it is probably the strongest TD (best gun, armor, speed, ability, accuracy) why does it need to be cheap? just because aces are underpriced for their performence?

And even if i did use it rarely The JP did decide almost every game for me. When church ace+ pershings or simply huge masses of allied tanks made too much trouble i simply build it (and in 2 vs 2 i had nothing to fear anymore from enemie tanks). When i played against armor and Royal engineers and actually won the game when ive got that tank. Its simply every shot a kill usually and esspecially from ambush.

For history: 384 JP´s got build from January 44 till end of war. Planned were 150 per month. The number of tanks being operational was very low (often just 50% of german tanks were operational at the same time in 44).

Most funnily: Turretless production is/was already the easiest type of production with endless simplifications so how can there be a "mass production" upgrade when it is already be default in such designs? Tank IV and Panther got furher simplifictaions in 44 but the turretless versions of those tanks were already the top of it.

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