US inf doc Ranger Truck

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US inf doc Ranger Truck

Postby Warhawks97 » 14 Dec 2014, 01:06

As we have the topic about the RAF i will open one about the ranger truck as well.

It cost 500 mp to call in and 400 of that is paied for the Rangers. Just like commandos need to drop a new sten squad just to get the glider back the inf doc needs to call in an entire Ranger squad which is maybe not needed. Can we make the truck also producable in HQ for 100 mp and small fuel cost? would be nice.

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Re: US inf doc Ranger Truck

Postby BffWithDEATH » 14 Dec 2014, 01:09

Yeah, this is very true.
BK doc has their Halftrack buildable so if they need a replacement Halftrack they dont have to pay for an entire squad..

Perhaps 150mp 15fuel from base HQ replaceing one of the troop transport trucks?
( considering the truck has no armour )
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