Vickers HMG

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Vickers HMG

Post by MenciusMoldbug »

Why does this HMG:

-Have only a 3 second setup/de-setup time
-Have rifles instead of SMG's for its supporting crew

I feel like this HMG should be standardized along with the rest now because in the beta it suppresses just as well as an HMG42. That's all it's really needed for and the 3 second setup time makes it into a suppression monster because it can move around very quickly while other HMG's can't. So that's why I think it should be standardized (and give the supporting crew stens instead of rifles).

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Re: Vickers HMG

Post by Krieger Blitzer »

Ya, setup times for all HMGs should be standardized.. totally agreed.

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Re: Vickers HMG

Post by kwok »

i could've sworn we standardized it on the beta.... i'll have to recheck notes and corsix when i get home. i think it was discussed among devs once before but i might be wrong.

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