Panther.D price

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Krieger Blitzer
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Panther.D price

Post by Krieger Blitzer »

Blitz doc:
Panther.D costs 680MP - 110F - 6 CP >>> OK

Luft doc:
Panther.D costs 880MP - 130F - 5 CP >>> OK

Panzer Support doc:
Panther.D costs 880MP - 130F - 8 CP >>> why?

So, in Blitz doc it makes sense how Panther.D costs like this after 6 CPs specifically that it's a Panther doc after all.

And in Luft doc it's more expensive since it costs 1 less CP and it's not a doctrine based on Panthers anyway, so it's a bonus there.

Now... in Panzer Support doctrine, despite it's a tank-based doctrine.. yet; Panther.D is most expensive there! And latest available, is this intended?

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Re: Panther.D price

Post by Warhawks97 »

Panzer Support doc needs changes. So far most people said so. Right now you go actually just F2 spam and then TD line as support.

People who played that doc used sometimes the vehicle arty strike as well. But generally most didnt get inf in any numbers. Like 1-2 gren squads from start. After that only stormpios and SS squad for clearing at guns and stuff.

So yeah, Panther D for 8 CP and this ammount of res doesnt make sense at all.

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Re: Panther.D price

Post by CGarr »

Agreed, PS doc's panther D should be the same price as blitz doc's. Having blitz be the only one that has cheap panthers because its the "panther doctrine" is dumb, doctrines should be built around a whole playstyle and complete unit comps, the focus shouldn't be on individual units. With that in mind, Panzer support doc is an armor centered doc, giving them more limited access to a tank (in terms of pricing) than other docs is dumb. That being said, I think they should stick with the cheap panther (at a more reasonable price, 680MP-110F) since they have access to proper heavies if they need a better tank.

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