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Post by berse2212 »

So this is basically a well known topic and I think everyone already has a strong opinion about it. While I heard there is some hidden agreement that you don't basebomb your opponent but only remove the base AA guns not everyone is on board with this. From my point of view basebombing pretty much ruins a fun game. Hit some infantry on retreat and there is nothing you can do to save them. Also I had some games defending my base barely being alive only ended by my base bombed away and loosing without ever having an opponent set food in my base. Some artillery abilities already forbidden to use in the opponents base, so why not make it impossible to use mobile and other kind of arty to bomb out someones base? Is it intended that you are still able to use your artillery units in the opponents base? While obviously being a good strategy (since you cannot escape) it's just a dumb mechanic that from my point of view should not be in the game.

p.s. I did not have the chance to play the Beta yet (since I barely find games) so maybe this issue was addressed already. Then just ignore this post. Also if it's just technically not possible it's sad but there is nothing anyone can do about it.

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Re: Basebombing

Post by MarKr »

The problem is that some players have a rule of "no basebombing EVER", some players have a rule of "no basebombing unless enemy has arty in his base", some play by "basebombing allowed if we own 90% of the map and the enemy is just stalling their defeat", some people have a rule "basebombing allowed". It is simply up to every player group what rules they agree on.

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Re: Basebombing

Post by Sparrow »

Its an agreeman between gentlemans before the game.
1-No basebombing to the HQs
2-You can bomb and mortar only the AA, without fall into basebombing
3-If you are bombing inside your base, i/we will bomb you in the same point from your are bombing

I thinks these are the 3 main rules of BKmod players

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Re: Basebombing

Post by Devilfish »

The only gentlemen agreement really is "no basebomb". Then it depends on the personal definition of basebomb, as Mark has said.
The only real problem with basebomb and why no basebomb concept exists, is that with how BK arty is designed, it's super easy to win games by destroying opponents base buildings, thus preventing him to tech and build more units, thus defeating him. Instead of balancing this out, the no basebombing agreement had come to be.

Most of the time someone complains about basebombing, it's from whiny players who are not accepting the defeat and fighting to the last breath with AT, arty, mgs, etc. within their base and then cry about basebombing as an excuse.
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Re: Basebombing

Post by kwok »

I think this poll done long ago clearly shows how basebombing rules are NOT consistent among players, no matter how "gentlemen" they are.

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Re: Basebombing

Post by Redgaarden »

So here is my personal definition of what is ok to bomb in the base sector.

Heavy tanks
Flak 88
Heavy tank building

Things I wont bomb in the base sector list.

Emplacements (Except 88's)
Buildings (Except Heavy Panzer building)
Tanks (except Heavies)

And I will bomb everything if it's a bot. Otherwise I usually spamm mortars. And no bombing if there is potential of collateral damage.
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Re: Basebombing

Post by Krieger Blitzer »

in my perspective, the rule of the thumb is simply the following;
Base in PvP games should never be bombed by indirect fire weapons (except mortars) but Arty batteries are to be targeted wherever located.
So, base bombing is prohibited unless there is arty units shooting from enemy base...

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