Ideas for US Captains

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Ideas for US Captains

Post by Warhawks97 »

We already started this debate and i mentioned some ideas in this topic already:


So i will just throw in some ideas. Its just ideas and not all have to be picked together.

Inf doc Captain:

-3 men officer squad with thompsons
-7 Men rifle squad call in
-Heroic Charge ability (the one CW officers have and the BK stormtrooper leader squad)
-Grenades and some of the Ranger abilites.
-Ambush ability when when ranger vet is unlocked.
-VT for artillery.

Armor doctrine:
I had to think quite long in order find some ideas for this captain but ultimately i got some:

-All Engineers (normal and combat engis) have advanced repairs when near the captain or when in the sector (only friendly sector). The idea is that a player can basically a sector for repairs where he can move the damage tanks and get them back into combat quicker.
Otherwise it would be a normal aura but large enough so that you dont have to cluster your tanks. Like in an area of 50 or so in which engis repair tanks faster.

-When staying in base, Tank depot and Motorpool production rate is increased.
-Giving perhaps special boost to combat engineers.
-Can call in a recon plane that provides vision so that tank advances can last longer since recons often cant keep up with the advance.
-Can overwatch a fuel sector so that it produces more fuel.

Airborne Captain:
-Can all in a 101st squad as reinforcment aside from the global ability.
-Can call in supply drop when its unlocked
-Can call in support planes (Recon, Strafe idk)
-Can use Binoculars.

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Re: Ideas for US Captains

Post by Walderschmidt »


2) I'll be back with more feedback. I think your Infantry Doctrine Captain idea is great!

Kwok is an allied fanboy!



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Re: Ideas for US Captains

Post by mofetagalactica »

i want US captains being an actual fight unit, so yes.

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Re: Ideas for US Captains

Post by CGarr »

I like your idea a lot and think we should run with it. Going to hijack this thread a bit just to include ideas regarding all officers, not just US. Will create a separate post with a title reflecting this change, separate post will just link to this thread. Will also make a separate thread for ideas regarding making tank commanders have more utility when I have time.



All officer units in the game, allied or axis:
-4 men per squad, armed with a pistol on officer model and elite version of faction's standard rifle on his guards. Exceptions may apply (luft command squad, BK doc Stormtrooper command squad, AB command squad)
-Option to upgrade the squad to be upgraded for 75 muni with either elite SMG's or a single LMG with the same mode switch option that the current HMG's have. Both options should be available for all officers to allow player freedom, neither is going to be ridiculously OP in any context.
-price increase to reflect their increased survivability and combat effectiveness (400-500 MP).
-Elite inf durability so they can keep up with offensives.
-Removal of the debuff ability even for propaganda doc officer. It's cheesy as shit and they wouldn't need it if they were a competent combat unit themselves, especially with how well they could synergize with surrounding inf.
-Universal access to either heroic charge or a last stand ability*, depending on weapon upgrade choice. Removal of the debuff ability should make space in the UI.
-Vision range similar to US AB spotter unit.
-Same sniper accuracy modifier that rangers currently have, to balance out greater general durability.


Inf Doc:
-7 man rifle squad call-in, bars require muni upgrade but have mode switch like HMG.
-Stun grenades (whatever the combat engineer grenade is called).
-Victor target is cool but a smoke drop would be more useful, leave VT ability to spotters. Smoke should be similar in shell dispersion to mortar smoke when fired at half range, ability call-in should be limited to said range.
-Ambush ability as described by Hawks (same as ranger crawl, unlocked with same CP upgrade).
-Flares instead of binos since their default vision range would be pretty good on its own and detection is the bigger issue.

Armor Doc:
-Advanced repair for all engineers, as described by Warhawks. Doesn't need extended range, you can repair tanks one by one (and most players tend to since its faster). Strong defensive buffs to nearby standard/repair engineers if unit discrimination is possible, as well as removal of buffs to other inf for counterbalancing reasons.
-Same production supervision ability as WH officer, but limited to vehicle production buildings.
-No special combat buff to combat engineers, but same smoke drop as described above which should help them close the distance and make flamethrowers more viable.
-Binos and slight vision range boost for nearby tanks/vehicles. No difference in gun range, but better accuracy for main guns on nearby tanks and cannon armed vehicles.
-leave recon plane to AB doc. Forego the fuel idea completely, US tanks are already cheap.

Airborne Doc (barracks officer squad):
-Recon plane loiter. 1 recon plane makes 3 passes on the same spot at the same angle (from either side). If it gets shot down at any point, then the loiter is over. This should honestly replace all the current recon plane runs in the game currently.
-supply drop when unlocked.
-7 man 101st MG team call-in. 450-500 MP, equipped with the same MG that the ranger MG squad in the ranger truck on inf doc has. Can upgrade with elite garands (like ranger garands) for 25 muni per 2 rifles (3 upgrades to fully upgrade squad, 75 muni total). 101st level survivability, no sprint. Allows AB player to engage strong inf head-on. Unlocked by building supply yard. 1 squad limit.

Airborne Doc (Airborne command Squad):
-Same as current, no changes (global changes from above don't apply to this unit).


Def Doc:
-G43's on the 3 guards by default, SMG/MG upgrade still available.
-7 man volksgrenadier squad call-in. 300-350 MP, comes with 2 MG34's. Available after either skirmish phase or assault phase (panzer factory construction not required). 1 squad limit.
-Otherwise same as current but with the changes suggested in the global section above.
-As far as buffs go, maybe a free manually activated aura buff that improves survivability in cover even further, but with a heavy movement/damage penalty (like a 75% movement speed and accuracy reduction but -50% incoming accuracy). 5 second duration, only applies to inf.

Blitz doc (barracks officer):
-Same aura buff as the US armor doc officer, but with the current inf buffs maintained.
-Flare drop for detecting cloaked units.
-Binos and a smoke drop (as described above) if there is room on UI.
-Otherwise same as current but with changes suggested in the global section above.

Blitz doc (Stormtrooper Officer):
-Flare drop for detecting cloaked units.
-Maintain current weapon loadout and weapon upgrade options.
-Otherwise same as current but with the changes suggested in the global section above.

Propaganda doc:
-KCH level durability
-equip guards with STG's
-0.80 movement modifier on Vsturms by default, officer's aura negates modifier and grants offensive stat buffs. No defensive modifiers from the officer since it's presence increases veterancy gain speed. Defensive buffs come from the veterancy bonuses of the surrounding units, officer just helps them get there faster.
-binos, no flares.


All docs:
-Same loadout as current, but with the upgrade options presented in the global section.
-Binos and flares.
-Otherwise same as current, with changes described in the global section above and the following changes.

-Flame grenades instead of normal grenades.
-Smoke drop (as described above).

-20mm strafe available without CP unlock via officer call-in (100 muni).
-Recon plane loiter
-Smoke drop (as described above).

PS doc:
-Same aura buff as the US armor doc officer, but with the current inf buffs maintained.
-No smoke drop, as providing one would negate some consequences of heavy tanks getting immobilized.


The following changes would apply to all CW docs.

-4 man squad.
-Smoke drop (as described above).
-Rifle grenade/smoke (like US riflemen).
-Otherwise same as current, with changes described in the global section above.

-4 man squad.
-Recon plane loiter.
-Otherwise same as current, with changes described in the global section above.

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