AA Effectiveness Testing

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IF YOU HAVE PLAYED THE BETA, do you think the new AA effectiveness in general is sufficient?

They need to be more effective
They are just right
They need to be less effective
Total votes: 5

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AA Effectiveness Testing

Post by kwok »

We originally wanted the previous beta update to be the last one but there was quite a lot of complaints about the planes and AA effectiveness so we decided to focus one more beta update on that.

The problem was mainly in the LARGE differences between the effectiveness of AA units so we tried to unify the performance in a certain way. In this update the units with a "Dedicated AA mode" are considered "AA units" and two such units in AA mode should provide relatively reliable protection from planes. We say "relatively" because there are more factors in this, including the RNG, map size, where you place the AA units etc. but in general in ideal conditions (enough time to turn the gun at the plane, both units shooting and not in smoke etc. ) 2 units in AA mode should shoot down a plane about 80% of times, consequently, 3 units should do so 99% of times (the 1% is for situations when the guns start reloading or similar cases). If the units are not in the AA mode, their AA effectiveness drops by about 50%. The "AA mode" was also added to the buildable static AA units (naked and emplaced) as well as to the base defenses. However, the emplacements that protect your base are INTENTIONALLY weaker in the AA mode than the "buildable" versions. We did it this way because otherwise the base sectors would just massacre any planes coming their way and so deny a significant part of the map to planes. That being said, if all the base AAs are set to AA modes, they can still kill planes pretty easily. Static AA modes were added to several units to make sure that every faction/doctrine has some AA-capable unit.

- Revised the efficiency of of AA unit vs planes
- Added "AA mode" to Quad .50cal, Bofors, 20mm flak38 and 20mm flakvierlings (both naked and emplaced versions)
- Lowered the efficiency of the AA emplacement you start with (about half of what the built versions have)
- Axis vehicles with kwk38 20mm cannon (mostly armored cars) no longer shoot at planes (only exception is 20mm "Puma" which still can do so and keeps its AA mode)
- Added static AA mode to M15A1, Crusader tank, Flakpanzer 38(t), sdkfz 251/17 (Halftrack with 20mm flak in Def doc), Opel Blitz (unarmored truck with 20mm flak in all PE docs)

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Re: AA Effectiveness Testing

Post by Walderschmidt »

I think they are just right from what I have seen so far. If I were to give a range if responses, I only think minor tweeks might be necessary.

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Re: AA Effectiveness Testing

Post by Warhawks97 »

I would say they are right. They dont seem to be as effective anymore as they once did but i like it that one AA unit is not a total denial to airplanes anymore and that you need instead a few more AA units to have good coverage.

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Re: AA Effectiveness Testing

Post by Krieger Blitzer »

I think the Quad and Crusaders are still over-performing... Though, i wouldn't mind any AAs to shoot down airplanes so quickly, but in return; i would make AAs unable to shoot airplanes at all unless AA mode is active.

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