Panzer Support Doctrine Infantry: POLL 1 of ?

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Panzer Support Infantry Options

1) Make assault pios receive vehicle buffs
2) Heavy Assault Grens - CP unlock, 5 men, weapons package (some form of Warhawks' ideas)
3) Leave it like it is
4) Other, post in comments
Total votes: 10

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Panzer Support Doctrine Infantry: POLL 1 of ?

Post by Walderschmidt »

Warhawks had a new idea to smooth out the rough edges of Panzer Support's weak infantry options:


So I thought I'd put it up to the people of this goood forum. This is is a sequence of POLLS. The least voted option will dissappear from the next poll until we have a consensus.

So let's vote and discuss this.

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Re: Panzer Support Doctrine Infantry: POLL 1 of ?

Post by MenciusMoldbug »

The problem is that Panzer Support feels pretty campy even if you go down the 'tank-line' right?

I personally think there's no reason to go down the tank line in team games because someone on your team is always going to play a doctrine with a panther/tiger/kt in it so going down the tank line is a bit redundant.

That's why I said in my other post here:
MenciusMoldbug wrote:
23 Jun 2020, 21:46
I actually wanted the offensive tank line (not the TD's) to get the 'Assault' ability the Stug 3 has. Only this time it would affect PE inf (or panzer grenadiers exclusively if too strong) giving them that -25% damage reduction and suppression resistance buff. It would unlock with the 'combined tank advance' cp unlock after the panzegrenadier vehicle aura buff. In this way, light vehicles would boost movement speed and tanks would boost survivability.

So you have a Panther D in Panzer Support but it's nothing really special compared to a Panther D in Luftwaffe. So what to do with it? Well, just give it an ability that literally boosts your panzer grenadiers to another level, but like inspired assault, it's a timed ability that costs muni and is not active permenantly (so use with caution towards your munition income).

Actually I don't even want the Panther D to be in Panzer Support. I rather have the Panther A or G because I want different panthers to be 'unique' to each doctrine in PE (yeah a silly reason I know).
To do the simple math, since Pgren and Sturmpios including the squad leader have an HP of 65 per man. With a 25% damage reduction of an 'Assault' ability** ported over to PS Tanks to affect PE infantry this HP is theoretically going up to 80 HP for the time they are in the ability while it's active. I feel like Pgren's in Panzer Support are lacking an damage reduction buff like all other 'special' infantry get in their own exclusive doctrines. While Pgren's are not really exclusive to PS, they are still the 'core' infantry and become 'special' with the doctrine unlocks they get. Rather than just giving them a flat out 25% damage reduction buff like most other doctrines do, I feel it would be more prudent to have the tanks give it to them instead (and not the TD's because hidden TD's using 'Assault' does not feel right). ***

**Talking about this Assault Ability:

StuGIII "Assault" ability: All Grenadiers and Stormtroopers in radius of "20":
- take 30% less damage
- are 75% harder to suppress
Don't know if the Assault should be at a 30% damage reduction but nobody cares if 95 HP stormtroopers with a 30% + 25% damage reduction from the training unlock have them so I don't think it really matters.

***An important point to note is that this doesn't really 'stack' with the other modifiers PE gets near tanks/vehicles, as those are different types of buffs compared to damage reduction. The important thing about an 'Assault'-like ability for PS on their tanks is it stops HMG's from pinning all squads around your tanks by just shooting at your armor instead of your infantry (due to how AOE suppression effects work, this grinds to a halt and pins all your infantry near your tanks).

Also, yeah I'm in favor of giving the vehicle/tank aura buffs to all infantry. Since I personally don't want to see the player exclusively relying on Panzergrenadiers for infantry because using other infantry options is not as 'potent' as them.

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Re: Panzer Support Doctrine Infantry: POLL 1 of ?

Post by CGarr »

Only things I'd change on panzer support doc at this point are giving the inf an MP40 option so you can actually use them in offensive moves, and more countersniping methods since snipers are aids to deal with and amplify this doctrine's already weak inf, forcing more camping.

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