Re-Thinking PE Tank Support doc (Tanks)

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Re-Thinking PE Tank Support doc (Tanks)

Post by Warhawks97 »

Following Kwoks suggestion i am making three seperate topics about this doctrine. Its a sub-Topic of this one:

I will start with Tanks here.

Why i think the current tank line isnt really working:


1. If you choose to go Tanks, you get a plain simple line as in the old Terror doc. You get a Tiger at high CP that is just there to be there. At the same time you can get a Jagdpanzer IV/70 for lower cost, gun with better penetration, same armor and ambush capability.
2. You get a Panther D for 8 CP. and 880 MP. Why would anyone do that when Luftwaffe can get it for 5 CP and for 7 CP also Luftwaffe inf or air support. Thats Nuts. Everyone will just go for Jagdpanther with better gun, smoke launcher, ambush and whatsnot.


Panzer Support.jpg New Tank Line.jpg
1. The first Unlock is the tank IV H/J that also unlocks the JP/48. If you need more Anti Tank, you can unlock the Jagdpanzer IV/70 via special upgrade in the Tank Hunter building. By doing that, the Tank IV H/J will get locked and you get instead only Jagdpanzer Versions of the Panzer IV line.

2. The Panther is no not linked to the Tiger line anymore. Instead it got its own path. Once again, you have to decide whether you get the Panther (G Version) or Jagdpanther by choosing an upgrade in Tank Support or Tank Hunter Building.

3. Tiger is a standalone and always available. No either or. It shouldnt have to compete with the Jagdpanzer IV/70.

4. Finally King Tiger and Jagdtiger. Once again, you decide which one by upgrading the respective building.

This way players can get out a better mix of TD´s and normal Tanks but you always sacrafice something (except for the Tiger which in turn does not get the doc support it gets in Terror doc.

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Re: Re-Thinking PE Tank Support doc (Tanks)

Post by Walderschmidt »

I like this better in a sense of the player uses the buildings to decide what to unlock rather than doctrinal path.

I think it would be more intuitive and not require the player to go through a series of reward unit tweaks that can get wonky at times.

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Re: Re-Thinking PE Tank Support doc (Tanks)

Post by MenciusMoldbug »

I actually wanted the offensive tank line (not the TD's) to get the 'Assault' ability the Stug 3 has. Only this time it would affect PE inf (or panzer grenadiers exclusively if too strong) giving them that -25% damage reduction and suppression resistance buff. It would unlock with the 'combined tank advance' cp unlock after the panzegrenadier vehicle aura buff. In this way, light vehicles would boost movement speed and tanks would boost survivability.

So you have a Panther D in Panzer Support but it's nothing really special compared to a Panther D in Luftwaffe. So what to do with it? Well, just give it an ability that literally boosts your panzer grenadiers to another level, but like inspired assault, it's a timed ability that costs muni and is not active permenantly (so use with caution towards your munition income).

Actually I don't even want the Panther D to be in Panzer Support. I rather have the Panther A or G because I want different panthers to be 'unique' to each doctrine in PE (yeah a silly reason I know).

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