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New Terror/Propaganda Doc: Artillery Path

Posted: 22 Aug 2019, 23:15
by kwok
As mentioned early in this rework overhaul, we look to round out the capabilities of doctrines ensuring that each doctrine has effective means to handle most situations. This path is meant to ensure that the new Terror Doctrine is able to handle heavily entrenched positions, including emplacements and defenses. Each unlock within this path should steadily increase the power of your means of indirect attack, scaling with potential hardened defenses from other doctrines.

This thread is to talk about the artillery path for the new doctrine, its viability against other doctrines, and this doctrine's general ability to face defensive players.

arty path.png

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Re: New Terror/Propaganda Doc: Artillery Path

Posted: 23 Aug 2019, 00:22
by CGarr
1. Are nebelwerfer feuerleit barrages and incendiary weapons going to be 0cp then, or were they removed?
2. I like that the firestorm was changed to the 280mm rocket strike (from what i can tell), the firestorm always felt like more of a defensive oriented barrage, I usually used it to shut down enemy pushes more often than in actually helping me push.
3. Are any changes being made to the sturmtiger? That thing is more of a joke than anything right now but in terms of it's own stats, I can't think of anything significant that wouldn't make it absurdly OP. Buff or debuff auras would be interesting to see and would be pretty fitting for the doctrine considering the focus seems to be on using psychological warfare to get an edge. The churchill is a decent example of how to make an armored fridge useful in ways other than just upping it's firepower, a more amplified or constant/passive version of tank shock alongside maybe infantry buffs (or even just on its own) would give the unit utility outside of just being a nearly impenetrable battle-dumpster that shoots a big scary rocket once a game.

Re: New Terror/Propaganda Doc: Artillery Path

Posted: 26 Aug 2019, 23:34
by mofetagalactica
Sturmtiger should be just another stupa behaving unit, just stronger and with more reload time, same with churchill AVRE.

Re: New Terror/Propaganda Doc: Artillery Path

Posted: 05 Sep 2019, 04:47
by CGarr
I like figree's suggestion, although keeping the aimed shots would be nice too. Maybe tie either aimed shots or free fire to stationary position so theres a trade off rather than it just being a flat upgrade.

Re: New Terror/Propaganda Doc: Artillery Path

Posted: 05 Sep 2019, 12:05
by Warhawks97
Sturmtiger and Stupa were fundamentaly different. Just take a look at how the unit had to be reloaded in reality. In coh2 you have to manually reload it. In BK we have the long reload time for this reason. Having this unit shooting automatically once and then + the special ability is just too crazy. Stupa is an improved stuh, but Sturmtiger is a whole different dimension and has got the stats of the former V1 missile.

The AVRE should also stay this way. It wasnt reloaded from inside the tank as far as i know so the cooldown is actually just reflecting this. These units are too special for too special purposes as that they could act like a stupa.