Panzer III (5.1.8 beta)

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Panzer III (5.1.8 beta)

Postby kwok » 04 Aug 2019, 21:10

For the love of god, I am so sick of getting messages about the panzer III non stop but no one wants to make a dedicated discussion post on this.

You lazy bums, here's your post to talk about it. If no one says anything, then we do nothing. Private messages on steam, discord, and conversations on discord are NOT mediums for discussing balance. See how easy it is to make a post? Now talk about it amongst yourselves.

EDIT: I should be banned i broke a forum rule. edited to compliance.

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Re: Panzer III (5.1.8 beta)

Postby mofetagalactica » 04 Aug 2019, 22:07

Im just gonna make it simple, for this unit to be balanced on the macro game it should need a few changes such as:

-Speed reduction of turret rotation.
-Call in PZIII shouldn't come with APHE bought.
-Own armor table vs 75mm sherman and 76mm guns in general.

Off topic*

We also need to analize the pz4 F i think the gun is bugged out and its doing less damage than intended. *and price reduction for this could be a talk*

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Re: Panzer III (5.1.8 beta)

Postby CGarr » 05 Aug 2019, 05:48

figree summed my thoughts on it up pretty well

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