Basic Issues, Likely Known

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Basic Issues, Likely Known

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There's a few issues that seem odd, or inconsistent. I want to make sure someone knows about them.

Stug IV comes out of hull down instantly, which seems odd, since the Commonwealth hull down feature that requires command points does not allow an instant hull down end feature. I don't know why the Stug has this unusual benefit, since getting Vet 2 on an early Stug isn't incredibly difficult.

The second obvious issue I noticed was the placement of units within the Scorched Earth PE 120mm superbunker for lack of a better descriptor. As they are placed now, garrisoned units tend to be outside the bunker, and seem to have no benefit of cover and they die very quickly. Is there a way to change their placement or cheese their defensive modifiers so they're survivable on par with a normal bunker, or a slit trench?

Can the Stug IV's hulldown feature be standardized with the other hull down features? German bunkers are also the same, since VM bunkers cost population while PE bunkers do not, which is odd. Probably would make sense to move the pop cost for the VM bunkers to their upgrades if that's possible since otherwise the two bunkers are nearly identical.

Another odd issue is that commando units of the commonwealth can't use their commando ambush feature if they're in a slit trench, but can do it if they're in sandbags, little weird.

None of these things likely impact the meta, but are some pretty odd features that make weird inconsistencies.

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