AT Rifles and Vehicles

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AT Rifles and Vehicles

Postby Warhawks97 » 14 Feb 2019, 23:35

I quote myself quickly from "Vanpyre" topic.

Warhawks97 wrote:
perhaps, but generally i feel scared using vehicles currently or at least whenever i try to be a bit aggressive. CW boys can make a short job of any vehicle, WH does the same currently (even better bc they dont have this "hit 1% HP car and dont kill it" issue as brits). Now US got their way to worsen the situation for vehicles in general. I feel like i can only play out vehicles mobility when playing vs PE currently bc WH, CW and US are quite save against "aggressive vehicles", flanking attempts and such. Most reconassaince vehicles got degraded into "second line heavy MG platforms" in BK.

Thats how i currently feel when using vehicles. Pretty much all sides got units/abilites that can counter any armored threat up to medium tanks with great ease, at any time, without any preperations, during defense as well as offense.

While it was once feasible to use vehicles to run at flanks, making reconassaince duties or attacks whenever no AT gun was present, with runs behind enemie lines, it now feels that these days are gone.

One reason is that wheeled vehicles got slower off-road which is good, the other thing are AT rifles that can shoot 360 degree without much aim and high mobility. Almost like the old "schreck/zook no scope" rushes on tanks. There is no more real defensive/offense preperations. Just taking your inf,, put one AT rifle squad in it and run, press hold pos button to quickly make vehicles run in fear and continue.


1. Can we perhaps get some sort of "set up time" for AT rifles similiar to HMG´s etc? Like the rifle gets put on a bipod before ready too shoot? These things weight a lot. They dont need to be as long as an HMG but at least a short one to re-add at least a minimum of preperation in order to deal with vehicles instead of plain sprints, stop, retreat actions all day long? The weapon would still be able to automatically engage targets 360 degree. Just add set up time and an animation that makes the guy with the rifle laying down to the ground and take his aim.
2. Change the US AT rifle grenade shot to make it something between what its now and what it was if anyhow possible. bc this is just another "click and kill" ability that makes vehicles lives super dangerous.

for me it currently feels that the game has lost a lot of its dynamik provided by vehicles since WH also got the AT rifle squad and with US Rifle grenade shot change. There is little to no smart support weapon placings/movment in regards to infantry anti vehicle weapons like it is when using AT guns (which as primary anti vehicle weapon got literally kicked out of the game).

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