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Sherman vet 2 self repair ability

Posted: 14 Feb 2019, 23:18
by Warhawks97
I want to ask about it once more. If anything is about to happen with it.

There are many issues:

1. Extrem high cost for nothing
2. You cant disrupt it (like the issue with calli sherman that couldnt end salvo manually in order to escape threats)
3. High requirments.

If your tank is not immobilized, its easier and faster to send tank back to base, let it repair there by base engis from tank depot and drive back to front. So long is this ability active and it does virtually nothing.

If your tank has engine destroyed it might be usefull (like today my low HP sherman got engine shot... i used the ability, repaired the engine but i couldnt get away simply bc the ability was active for another min and literally "immobilizing" the tank. During this time we made an attack and the enemie an counter attack which then killed the tank.


1. Remove it. bc it now it does nothing. Its rather a death trap than a usefull ability.
2. Make it an ability that allows the sherman to quickly repair crit damages. That would justifiy vet 2 and 50 ammo.
3. Make it vet 1 required, 25 ammo and its an ability that max heals 1/3 or 1/2 of a tank HP over the next 30 min (Edit: Seconds). It however interrupts as soon as the tank shoots, gets shot or moves. Similiar to global rep ability, just that it also stops when tank moves.

Re: Sherman vet 2 self repair ability

Posted: 21 Feb 2019, 05:38
by MrSuv
I like suggestion number 2