Double AT grenade and Gammon bomb rework

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Double AT grenade and Gammon bomb rework

Postby Beast Slayer » 05 Jan 2019, 01:50

Considering that its nearly impossible to throw second AT grenade or Gammon bomb in competitive matches ( short range and big delay between each throw ) wouldnt it be better if these abilities was reworked to be more useful? I had ability similar to the grenade assault in mind where you throw all grenades in rapid succession. Of course it would be capped to max 2 grenades/bombs as it is now. This would increase the chance to kill armored vehicles or light tanks ( preferably with damaged/destroyed engine ) fast before sustaining too much damage mainly if you combine this ability with sprint. This rework can also fix the glitched throwing animation ( which is present even in vanilla CoH ) for the second grenade which currently plague both abilities because grenade assault do not have such animation problem. Do you like this idea and is it even possible to make it work this way?

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Re: Double AT grenade and Gammon bomb rework

Postby Viper » 05 Jan 2019, 04:23

you mean 2 soldiers will throw 2 grenades at the same time? good idea. i like it. and i think it's possible. because rangers have "volley grenades" and they can throw many grenades at once. stormtroops and german paratroopers can already do this too.

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Re: Double AT grenade and Gammon bomb rework

Postby kwok » 05 Jan 2019, 07:55

If I can remember, it’s either everyone in the squad throws or one throws unfortunately. Unless you use SCAr to do it, but that might add complexity and not sure how much it’d impact chances of desync/crashes. I look to others to correct my understanding or find another solution.

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