Command Tank for Blitzkrieg Doc and other stuff

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Command Tank for Blitzkrieg Doc and other stuff

Postby MenciusMoldbug » 27 Dec 2018, 17:59

One problem I've noticed when comparing blitzkrieg doctrine to say terror is that terror is obviously superior in all regards, especially when you get very late into the game. Even if blitzkrieg doctrine has Tiger Ace as its final trump card Terror get's King Tiger and since both docs share unlockable panthers and P4's start getting phased out; It's not clear what advantage blitzkrieg is supposed to have later on other than getting a good early-mid game punch.

I wanted blitzkrieg doc in its own way to have an advantage in tank warfare that terror doc does not have; and since blitzkrieg doc is supposed to represent a sort of 'numerical-superiority' in tank numbers (as in making lots of Panzer 4's). It would be nice if their numerical superiority could be rewarded by having a command tank that buffs stuff around in a aura range.

There is no real need to add a new model into the game for this, a command vehicle symbol on the top like the one for m20 command car should be good enough. Or if there is a need for a new model you can add the Panzerbefehlswagen IV which is just a normal P4 with antennas on top.

On aura buffs, I would like a general re-work on how aura buffs currently work. Something like what drivebyhobo mentioned here: viewtopic.php?t=2664

I would like to see the buffs reworked so it is not as micro-intensive for players who have to use these vehicles; they could be simple enough as a british command tank which just has to follow tanks around to give it bonuses. Since Americans can only really get 1 command vehicle; The buffs for them should be reworked so they are permanent. Perhaps with the exception of the defensive aura which can be popped in an emergency like sherman smoke. In exchange for being permenant, some of the buffs can be reworked with this in line (example being the range buff can be toned down/or replaced with something else). The command vehicle can also get an increased accuracy against it (say 50-75% increased accuracy on it) when it activates a buff; so it's very easy to kill. If a command vehicle for blitzkrieg doctrine is taken into consideration, I would like it more inline with how the m20 command car works currently with different types of buffs but with the idea of them being permanent in mind.

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