Rifle AT nade being OP, crushing nazis faces

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Re: Rifle AT nade being OP, crushing nazis faces

Postby kwok » 25 Dec 2018, 03:02

Thanks for the post Jacob. Would love to get more of your insights and other questions we are struggling with in the game. What are you working on nowadays?

I’m aware of the EVP calc (but not in name, only in observation) and is the reason why I don’t play those obnoxiously hilly maps. "Evp" I think is also the reason why HE rounds were buggy before (target ground instead of unit). I ran into this working on CoH2 and one weird way around it is by adding a cartoonish looking arc to the shot. Ugly but worked. If the projectile moves fast enough with no tracer animation, it’s unnoticable.

Whether EVP exists or not in a calculation though, EVP is not something really that impactful on the grand scheme of “what happens most of the time”.

The main question is:
Would players prefer the rng based accuracy or more “like the mortar/piat” round method? Because that would effectively make most shots easily dodgeable. Just imagine trying to use attack ground against all targets instead of how it is currently. That’s how it’d effectively work.
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Re: Rifle AT nade being OP, crushing nazis faces

Postby Shanks » 25 Dec 2018, 04:45

Jacob_PL wrote:Hello.

I am the Relic expert Chifyo (or Viper) talked about.
Worked for Relic Entertainment since it was founded in 1997 in Vancouver, Canada.

If what you said is true, it is an honor that you have commented in this forum

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