BK gun sounds overhaul

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BK gun sounds overhaul

Postby PECenturion » 18 Nov 2018, 18:30

Hello dear developers and friends
Bk is a really fun and an enjoyable game but I would like it to be more "moving" and it occured to me that the current gun sounds are outdated and incorrect
this is not the case for all of the guns like the G43 and most rifles
I will make some more specific points:
The smg sounds are really "toyish" they don't siund right at all mostly MP40 and Thompson which should soundlike this
MP40 https://youtu.be/nJY07Dtp9Zk
Thompson https://youtu.be/TLMAFbnz194 a bit less accurate but still sounds better
the trench shotgun https://youtu.be/O0BX2adwvho less charming but will do the trick because better than no sound at all
also the Johnson LMG should be fixed as it's model in bk looks really buggy and rambo style which bothers a lot of people
now will such things ever be a possibility
I would like a straight answer not some smarty panc talk yes or no no excuse
no we are lazy
yes we think this should be in the game
current smgs sounds are like toys the trench gun post wad made few weaks ago nobody took it seriously and it should be taken seriously and worked on, and the "engine is to old" excuse is futile because it is doable
not attacking anyone but I do feel these is more to this game and it should be gradually updated with new stuff and I think that a gun sound overhaul would be relly refreshing especially the trench shotgun and MP40 it would add much more emersion to the game
so yes "we will work on these important issues"
no "we are lazy we only want to change values"
spare me the blobing with excuse like you did eith the trench shotgun and many other stuff
*love you all but get serious*

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Re: BK gun sounds overhaul

Postby Jalis » 18 Nov 2018, 19:40

There is incorrect sound at BK, but usually most players prefer it to realistics/historical ones.

Some exemple can be ; HMG 42 sound, STG 44 sound, .50 hmg in nest sound.

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