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M12 Trench Gun

Posted: 07 Nov 2018, 00:43
by MenciusMoldbug
So in BK we have an M12 Trench Gun in the game which is only given to a single model in a CQB Squad that infantry company gets. This weapon has weird stats such as:

- High amounts of accuracy at distance (0.35 / 0.35 / 0.55 / 1)

- No 'burst fire,' i.e. - acts as a single shot weapon in the game

- Very high damage for a single shot small arms weapon (100-70 damage)

- Doesn't seem to have a sound for the shotgun? If there is one I can't hear it (should sound something like this)

In short, you get a very erratic weapon that doesn't act as a 'shotgun' but more of a 'sniper rifle.'

I think it should be fixed so it fits into BK better, such as having multiple damage-roll shots when it's fired so all the damage isn't concentrated into a massive slug round. With accuracy and cooldown fixed so it acts less like a long range rifle (that seems to also have better accuracy than a riflemen M1 Garand).

If this is fixed to act more like a shotgun; I would like it if combat engineers in infantry company could have them as a third upgrade. It really fits them, and I find it unfortunate they don't have a choice of getting it at all even though it is in the game.

Re: M12 Trench Gun

Posted: 07 Nov 2018, 01:34
by Jalis
MenciusMoldbug wrote:
In short, you get a very erratic weapon that doesn't act as a 'shotgun' but more of a 'sniper rifle.'


A sniper rifle ? with 30 max range ?

It simply act as intented, (except perhaps sound) ; massive damage, but only at short range … because long range dont exist for shotgun

Re: M12 Trench Gun

Posted: 07 Nov 2018, 01:40
by MenciusMoldbug
Yeah my bad, I didn't check that. I thought it was at 60 range like every other weapon. At 30 it's ok with that accuracy I guess, but I still don't get why it shoots super-slug rounds instead of gauge shells.

Is it because there is no way to have a 'burst fire'/multiple shots that isn't continuous in the game? I.E. it either shoots like a machine gun or it doesn't? Then I guess it can't really shoot gauges, but I would still like combat engineers to have it as a upgrade still.

Re: M12 Trench Gun

Posted: 07 Nov 2018, 04:57
by kwok
as far as i understand, that is unfortunately correct mencius, you can't do "burst" in the sense that it's multiple rolls in one shot. it's a stream technically speaking. practically speaking, you COULD have the a stream of shots within an extremely short set of time to represent a "shot gun". but then you'd have to be willing to accept that one shot blast could effectively roll down a single person per "bursted bullet". Like if you wanted 6 pellets in one shot, the gun shoots at a squad, and you get the RNG god blessed rolls of the century, that 1 shot could 5% insta kill each individual in that squad, full squad wipe. lol, that'd be hilarious..... and totally that'd i'd be the painful receiving end of given my luck....

Re: M12 Trench Gun

Posted: 07 Nov 2018, 08:03
by The New BK Champion
On the side note, this gun can penetrate halftracks and deal criticals on them xd

Re: M12 Trench Gun

Posted: 07 Nov 2018, 12:09
by Warhawks97
Yes, it has a 10% chance to pen a halftrack.
Due to its accuracy of 100% at close range and good rate of fire at close range its possible to deal damage, esspecially with its 70-100 damage. A single pen will take 1/3 of a HT health.

However it seems to have even better pen vs PE scout cars with up to 40% pen. That seems way to OP.

But when i went through files i found more weird stuff, esspecially with MG´s.

I cant write down them all but just giving examples:

The Axis coax, hull and top mounted MG´s have a 60% pen chance vs bren carrier. Against Dingo its 10%.
The US HMG has also 60% pen vs bren carrier. So capturing one makes them to be very effective vs bren carriers.

Meanwhile the axis HMG pens a bren carrier with 1% chance but a US halftrack with 10% and greyhound with 4%.

I would have to test it in game again though but its not that easy without a testing partner. I also never bren carriers battleing german tanks so....

Re: M12 Trench Gun

Posted: 07 Nov 2018, 17:12
by PECenturion
I love that you have brought this up
a sound is definitely required, the link sound is pretty epic
would like to see this weapon used more and 100% aggre it fits the combat engineers and their fighting style maybe give the regualr engineers this option to purchase these guns
with a bit of tweaking this could fit bk perfectly but needs a bit of work, cinda lame to see a wepaon used only by one squad :/