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Re: Why shermans need to be s**t, a reply to markr (balance crusade)

Posted: 08 Nov 2018, 19:59
by Warhawks97
seha wrote:sherman easy eights are everywhere in late game. if they get accuracy buff. the sherman spam should be less. panther ausf.g is a bit overpriced by the way. it was only unique from other panthers when it had the scope upgrade but now it doesn't. and panthers generally should not be weaker or there will be no difference between panthers and panzer IVs with skirts. conclusion..... now shermans and panzers are balanced and nothing need tweaking.

Stubby Tank IV coming too late and their armor is vastly OP. I mean that even the US top tier gun (90 mm is doctrinal) has such an abysmal performance against them is just wrong.