Hey Marck check this Please

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Re: Hey Marck check this Please

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Shanks wrote:only for this they ask me for proofs, what a disappointment ... but I already expected it

they are not able to see the imbalance that this generates; I would explain it, I would even make a book to explain it, but they would simply say, "This is fine now, it will not change". It's okay, it does not matter, I'll just kick German asses with the allies

lol, srsly, you have no idea about tank warfare. Its not about "100% pen" vs "100% not pen".

Theory and practice are two different things in tank warfare. a common rule here is that those who shoots (and hit) first wins. Armor gives you some sort of superiority and better survivability on the field perhaps but it doesnt make you invincible. At the end its the strategy, tactics and the crew skill that matters. If i might give you a hint: Dont try to go tank on tank. Beat armor with cheap anti tank units and use your own armor to attack and crush weak enemie defenses.
Going tank vs tank in a 1 vs 1 is not a good tactic, it is using hope and luck as tactics. Engage tanks with own tanks when you are in a favoured position or when you have greater numbers and gun superiority.

And i think markr said everything that needs to be said.
And yes, the 76 mm can bounce. At max range vs tank IV H you have approx 49,8% chance to pen.
So i have no idea what game you are playing.

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Re: Hey Marck check this Please

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ok, teacher

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