More accurate descriptions are needed

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More accurate descriptions are needed

Postby Beast Slayer » 12 Sep 2018, 18:03

Hello there.

Im very pleased with the 5.1.5 version of the mod. This version contains the least amount of bugs so far. Despite of this I think some other parts of the mod can be improved upon like the descriptions of units and abilities because they sometimes provide incorrect information. Few examples:

- Wehr/Def Doc: Description of the Pantherturm Bunker doctrinal unlock is stating that I will gain access to the 75mm AT Emplacement which is not true because this emplacement was exchanged for 88mm one.

- PE: Schwimmwagen: Description of this unit is stating that it is unarmed which is not true because it is actually armed with mg 42.

- US/Airborne Doc: Weapon Support Center/101st Weapon Supply Upgrade: This upgrade states that after purchase Thompson, Johnson and BAR upgrades available for the 101st Paratroopers will be cheaper but there is no BAR upgrade. M1 Garands are available instead of it.

These are just a few examples. I bet there is more then that. Will you eventually rework these descriptions in the future so they will provide more accurate information? It would be really appreciated.

I love your work.

Keep it up and take care.

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Re: More accurate descriptions are needed

Postby MarKr » 12 Sep 2018, 20:46

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Yes, some descriptions are outdated because we made some changes and did not adjust the texts. If you feel like you would like to help with it you can get access to the ingame texts, look up what is off and correct it. Wolf grants access to the google sheets but if you sent me your gmail adress in PM, I will ask him to give you access. ;)

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Re: More accurate descriptions are needed

Postby Beast Slayer » 21 Sep 2018, 18:38

Hi again.

Sorry for the late response but I was quite busy lately. Im afraid that I will have no time to go through all the ingame texts and fix them myself so you do not need to bother sending me anything at this time but whenever I will have some spare time I will play a few games and post my findings in this thread. Heres what I found lately:

- Wehr/Blitz Doc: Pz. Kpfw. IV Mass Production: Description of this doctrinal unlock is saying that Pz IV tanks will be reduced in price which is only partialy true because this reduction affects only H version and not the J one. I think this information should be provided to the player.

- Wehr/Def Doc: Grenadiers: Stielgranate 24 with fragmentation sleeve: Description of this ability is saying that these grenades can be used only from cover which is not true. I was able to use them outside of cover without problem. Is this a bug or misleading description?

- PE/Infantry Support Center: Nearly every upgrade ( if not all ) which can be purchased in this building affect also Assault Pioneers but there is absolutely no mention of that in the description of these upgrades.

This is it for now. I will play some more games later on and if I will find anything then I will let you know.


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Re: More accurate descriptions are needed

Postby Beast Slayer » 24 Sep 2018, 11:05

- PE/SE: Light Observation Halftrack: Description of this vehicle says that "the lightly armored observation vehicle is capable of scouting terrain, while stationery ( should be stationary ) terrain ( this word should be removed because it have no purpose to be here ) and to coordinate artillery strikes".

- US/Inf Doc: Weapon Support Center: Improved M6A3C Missile for bazooka affects also Close Quarters Squad while the description of this upgrade mentions only AT Squad. Which other infantry squad is this upgrade affecting? Its every bazooka in every squad or only specific squads? More accurate description is needed.

- PE/SE: Beobachtungspanzer IV ausf J: Artillery Feuerleit Barrage: Description of this ability states that it forces all 105mm and 88mm on-map artillery to fire on targeted location but there is no 88mm arty in this doctrine. This ability is working only with Wespe 105mm and Hummel 150mm therefore the 88mm part should be exchanged for 150mm.

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