MGs need to suppress faster!

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MGs need to suppress faster!

Postby Niksonrex » 29 Aug 2018, 01:09

I dont know if you guys agree but my German MGs constantly are getting just destroyed by rangers that just go in front of it and sprint through the FIRE to get around and then kill it. I dont understand. Like once a rifleman squad didnt get suppressed after 3 BURSTS of my mg. Like whaaat? And then i try to do the same thing to the maxim. xd instant pin.

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Re: MGs need to suppress faster!

Postby Shanks » 29 Aug 2018, 03:16

go up a repetition to see the situation, but I think i know the problem, you are playing against good players, for example you could avoid the suppression of the mg42, if the mg42 already pointed to another of your infantry and then you run with another squad towards the ( but avoiding this is easy, just direct the fire towards the infantry that is running) ... by the way, this happens in pvp or skirmish? ... because I have no problems with the mg42, it always kills well

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Re: MGs need to suppress faster!

Postby MarKr » 29 Aug 2018, 07:20

As Shanks said - uploading a replay would be good, it is easier to tell then what happened. But in general infantry gets suppressed quite fast, MG42 suppresses faster than the other MGs. But suppression is lowered by cover (so if the Rangers are sprinting against you in green cover, they take less suppression), by unlocks and upgrades (Def doc has unlock for infantry that gives more defense bonuses in cover) and also abilities (some commanders have "Heroic assault" ability which basically makes the unit immune to suppression/ some units have instead of "sprint" an ability called "Fireup" which also cancels suppression on the unit - I think Rangers are the case too). But since you speak about Riflemen, I guess it is the case of used cover.

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Re: MGs need to suppress faster!

Postby The New BK Champion » 29 Aug 2018, 10:32

Def doc bunker mg, base buildings mg upgrade and deplyed pe scout car - these are instant supressors with ridiculous supressing rate and range. Basic mg42 supresses slower but kills soldiers almost instantly.

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