US bomber raid

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US bomber raid

Postby Warhawks97 » 24 Jul 2018, 19:47

As this topic popped UP:

I am asking the same for US Airborne doc.

And as we talk about this in particular, i i would also again request the US P-47 raid to bomb emplacments as well. When i watched the replay i once again thought that the raids would have solved much more problems by bombing emplacemants in the first place rather than trying to dropp bombs one halftracks. In the vid some of the vehicles stood luckily close enough to an emplacments to kill the emplacment.

I mean the airplanes in air docs get called in when the ground forces need support against stuff they cant handle so easily by their own. So why the bombers attacking halftracks with bombs which can be easily killed by greyhound or the inf itself?

So what i would do:

1. Instead of dropping two bombs on light skinned vehicles like halftracks and Marder/Wespe type vehicles, a Mg strafe comes in. So when there is inf and a halftrack there would come two strafing planes perhaps.
2. Remove AP upgrade. Thats silly, US fighters never used full metal jacket rounds. They used a mix of tracers, AP, and API (armor piercing incendiary). I dont see the reason when axis have a strafe with 20 mm that kills inf and vehicles as well without upgrading anything.
3. So the raid ability would attack inf and light armored vehicles with strafe, emplacmants with bombs and and tanks also.
4. In current beta, bombs do work differently just like arty. High damage vs tanks in the center of explosion (direct hit kill) but less powerfull vs tanks in the proximity (so tanks will take damage in the proximity rather than dying outright at the edge of the explosion). That means that Bombs will be even more suited against emplacmants than against Tanks anyway.

Possible raid options:
1. Ultimate raid that attacks everything. Thing is it would massively expensive but seldomly worse it as you wont find tanks, inf and emplacments at the same area that often.
2. Make it like luftwaffe and have different raids against different sort of targets. Either add simply one anti emplacment and remove a global ability somewhere else (eg the 82 nd could be removed and instead an AB HQ unit call in). Or a reward ability. You can either choose a single bombing run or an anti emplacment raid. That way you could save some ammo an unleash a real air superiority with two raid abilities active at once. One attacking all mobile units, the other just against emplacmants.

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