reversing tanks and camouflage

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reversing tanks and camouflage

Postby milekh » 23 Jun 2018, 20:13

I spotted bug (sorry for no replay).
When tank is at full speed and shots it reverse its movment direction.
It happens almost every time (i seen this at massive scale for M18).

I think camouflage for tank destroyers should be disabled with "click to move".
It really takes forever to disable it manually.

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Re: reversing tanks and camouflage

Postby MarKr » 23 Jun 2018, 23:33

Someone reported the reverse but sofar I haven't solved that :/

As for TDs in cam - if we do that, then it will be impossible to turn the TDs when they are in camo which would make Axis TDs useless because they don't have turrets.

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Re: reversing tanks and camouflage

Postby Warhawks97 » 26 Jun 2018, 02:04

I think i he is mainly refering to allied TD. It was part of their "survival package" to run right after shot. Perhaps we can make it that the ability is automatically disabled after the shot? So its not removed by clicking (that also caused the problem that the TD ran out of camo to early) but removed once the tank fired bc you must run anway. I mean the allied TD´s here. Axis have two ambushed shots+ stay much more often in the position during combat so its no real issue here.

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