Churchill and the HE in general

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Churchill and the HE in general

Postby Vernichtung » 07 Apr 2018, 18:07

Hey guys,

I did some testing last days and compared some of the in game stuff. Here are a couple of the things I tried and the results.

1. Churchill vs Wehrmacht pak40 Sdkfz. I took me 13 rounds to destroy one Churchill(this was with making the first and 13th hit at max range). This is ridiculous taking in acount the HE around of the Churchill can one shot the pak40 sdkfz.
2. A HE round of the Churchill does nothing vs a Kettenkrad but can one shot a Mortar Halftrack(or pak40 halftrack).
3. Churchill HE around to the back of the SPZP(28mm) does nothing, but the SPZP(28mm) can hit it from the side.
4. Looking at SS vs Brits or Wehrmacht vs Brits....The Wehrmacht can barely hold out vs the Churchill tanks. Only late game tanks or Panzerschrecks(which often get a one shot by the HE version). The SS has however a descent option vs those.
5. Hetzer works vs the frontal Armor of a Churchill but a pak40 or pak40 haltrack cannot do anything?
6. Why can`t the Pak halftrack load AP rounds when it is already in a disadvantage compared to the SS Hunters?

Taking in account that a Churchill goes down pretty fast when hit from the side the current 2vs2 or 3vs3 maps don`t really add anything in the way of flaking, a 2vs2 game on a 3vs3 maps is required to have some sort of tactical game with flanking.

HE arounds in general. My in game experience for a 37mm,6 pounder, 75mm, etc with HE is not much of a difference. Seems like all explosives in the game are rather damaging while lets say an 8cm motar in real life is more of a ''terror'' and suppression weapon. The main point being the HE round is too damaging and too accurate especially at its max range.

This is what I found out. Hope you guys have some more input or experienced something different maybe.

regards, Vernichtung

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Re: Churchill and the HE in general

Postby Tiger1996 » 08 Apr 2018, 01:41


About the Churchills generally, I can only tell that the long barrel 75mm Pak40 Puma from PE faction.. is pretty much useless now. Specifically since that all types of the Puma armored car was recently made easier to hit. Not to mention that this unit can only tickle Churchills...

Anyways, I do believe that Churchills are not so dangerous at the moment... I mean they are definitely dangerous, but not so dangerous. They don't have enough durability and are not any useful on bigger maps. So, I think Churchills now are kinda fine as they are.. dealing with Churchills isn't totally difficult either. PAK40 has hard time penetrating it, true.. but the idea is to distract the Churchill with PAK40 then flank it with PanzerShreck or PzFaust or AT grenades.

WH also has this 100 ammo rocket ability for 50mm PAKs and PE has the same ability for 37mm HT which is a great counter to Churchills and Jumbo Shermans.

That was my opinion ;)

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sami bosal
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Re: Churchill and the HE in general

Postby sami bosal » 08 Apr 2018, 01:52

i think that he church is among the most dangerous units in the game. no infantry can stand a chance against him. paks are usually 1 or 2 hit kill for him. only solution to it is flank from different sides which is also difficult cause player will retreat or readjust it according to early/mid game there is no reliable counter to it even PZSHs cause they will have only one chance to fire if they survive he hit.

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Re: Churchill and the HE in general

Postby Warhawks97 » 08 Apr 2018, 14:18

be awere: Flanking isnt always rewarding. Churchills can be either penetrated or cant at all. So what cant pen its front will barely do better from rear.

There are currently very randomly set bonuses for hitting rear depending on unit and gun. Flanking a Jumbo sherman is always rewarding, churchills usually not so much.

Churchill seem to be paradox now. One say they cost too much and get killed by arty anyway all day long, others struggle dealing with them.
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Re: Churchill and the HE in general

Postby |7th|Nighthawk » 08 Apr 2018, 17:24

Churchills are broken, that's the problem. They are too extreme in every way, both on the positive and negative side. I personally loath them because they are slow and unflexible as shit.

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