Current State of Light Vehicles

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Current State of Light Vehicles

Post by Henny »

Is there anything on the axis side that is able to stop these behemoths? For example, what can you do against greyhounds, staghounds, recces, dingos, and all that bullshit when all you have are retarded anti tank crews and 28mm PZB paper thin door knocker? Ever since the PAK nerf they just zoom past the enemy lines into your rear performing soviet deep operations and then you just lose the damn game because your resources are denied. THE METAGAME IS CURRENTLY LIGHT VEHICLES LADIES AND GENTLEMEN SPAM THEM AND WIN THE GAME :evil: :evil: :evil:

Edit: If you say get anti-tank crews, then you'd be wrong as well because they get ANNIHILATED BY STAGHOUND CANNISTER ROUND before they can even go into ambush. You can't get STUG or Hetzer either because the enemy light vehicles have denied your fuel.


If you play brits or allies you win the moment your greyhound by-passes the retarded enemy PAK
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Re: Current State of Light Vehicles

Post by kwok »

Adjust their acceleration values. For tanks as well for that matter. It works and feels great in my mod.

It’s a big change and was shot down until after steam update.

Also the AT gun updates in 5.1.1 are much nicer. Could actually kill pumas now, it’s great.

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Re: Current State of Light Vehicles

Post by Danikas »

It would take 5 mins to release hotfix for at guns, but its left as it is. I see no point in playing this mod now, brits were very good in previous patch now its just seal clubbing.

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Re: Current State of Light Vehicles

Post by Warhawks97 »

20 mm Puma is excellent against m20 and greyhounds etc. At range it can bounce the 37 mm from greyhound or when grey made the shot close in and kill it in a salvo.

The puma with 50 mm turret or stubby 75 can oneshot these vehicles nicely. I remember that lehr also used the PE 37 mm HT right from the start to counter any early vehicle. The 28 mm has paper armor but is fast enough to close in fire, and run combined with a high rof. Its not so much a offensive tool but excellent to counter vehicles that are trying to pass your lines. Most of my time playing BK i relied on vehicles with 20 mm or other weapons as main anti vehicle units and far less on AT guns in general.

However, the combo of Boys AT and Recce is indeed absolutely nasty as boys deny any deployment of own vehicles. Boys- recce combo can be used easily in aggressive pushs.

But regarding vehicles as such, i always prefered to counter mobile vehicle warfare with own mobile vehicle warfare. The Puma is probably "The vehicle" in this game in all regards (speed, armor, received accuracy, firepower, cost).

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