Making the mod unique

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Making the mod unique

Postby Srider4691 » 11 Jan 2015, 11:20

Hi.I love this mod very much and have all your versions.You changed the mod after Version4.6.4.1 to the current layout.Your mod was different and it stood out from the rest and was the best.Unfortunately now it feels like its a copy of the Europe At War mod.Please cant you go back to being original and different.

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Re: Making the mod unique

Postby MarKr » 11 Jan 2015, 12:03

I play the mod just over a year so I don't know what was different in but could you elaborate a little bit on what you imagine under the words "unique,original and different"?

Anyway I don't think there will be any changes back to previous versions, especially not so much back as to 4.6.x.x version.

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Re: Making the mod unique

Postby Sukin-kot (SVT) » 11 Jan 2015, 12:09

In 4.6 was normal th doc with heavy tanks, all elite inf types were much powerfull (knights couldnt be killed with 1 sniper shot lol, sas had sniper in squad, geberigs had bonuce against arty, all howitzers were missing every time trying to hit them).. thats what i remember.

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Re: Making the mod unique

Postby Warhawks97 » 11 Jan 2015, 13:01

Sukin-kot (SVT) wrote:In 4.6 was normal th doc with heavy tanks

R.I.P.... i miss it.

Except this and limit on unmovable arty units i think most things got better. I dont miss the kch or anything else that had been in old version.

Maybe you can give us more details of what you think was unique.

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