Specialized vs. Well-Rounded Poll

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How should doctrines be balanced and designed?

A difference in doctrine design does not impact balance
A difference does cause balance issues, all should be specialized
A difference does cause balance issues and all should be well-rounded
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Re: Specialized vs. Well-Rounded Poll

Postby Warhawks97 » 15 Sep 2017, 20:05

Redgaarden wrote:
@Warhawks97. I see it more like you have sherman 76 every doctrine can get it. but you still need to choose a doctrine to get them. It's like playing heartsone and having a sherman 76 (Warlock) sherman 76 (Rogue) and sherman 76 (Paladin) and one for all the other classes. But why not just get 1 neutral card sherman 76 to fit them all? You're not unlocking anything special. You're just filling the gaps in your research tree. And I have no idea why I'm whining about it.

Yes, but thats actually the same for any long barreld tank IV and US M10. That way you could also make m10 being non doc basics. Similiar to that, Tank IV with long barreld could be added to all as non doc or firefly and m10?

I get what you mean but as long as they are unlocked in all docs it doesnt matter? Or, in case we assume that axis will stay the way they are having each of their docs equiped with different types of long barreld Tank IV´s - even though for no CP and instead by doc pick- it would cause disbalances as the US would be able to delay the doc pick. For that reason alone a doc pick is at least necessary to get a 76 sherman. I think the CP cost of units is not just to unlock doc specific stuff, but also to make powerfull combat units not accessable too early.
But is that your point here? Vcoh is working more or less this way. You can play easily without any doctrine choosed with even Panther as basic unit. But idk if i like this style more.

I think a faction design that has less different units but therefore the existing units shared among all docs does not mean to have them all without choosing a doctrine simply to keep it balance against factions that have most units doctrinal. Simply to prevent that one side can wait with a doc pick longer.

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