Rework of Defensive Doctrine - Concept

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What are your thoughts on this?

Sounds good, now the doctrine is worth playing again
Has some nice ideas, but as a whole it's flawed (please explain in a post)
I don't really care for it, def doc has always been boring and that won't change (please explain in a post)
This is stupid, now we have RE 2.0 (please explain in a post)
No votes
WTF? Now it's going to be unplayable... (please explain in a post)
Total votes: 17

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Re: Rework of Defensive Doctrine - Concept

Postby Warhawks97 » 31 Aug 2017, 13:16

If i got you right then it means that possible plans to changes on other WH docs are being into consideration during the planning of def doc. So that in future synergy will be "granted" and possible?

And dont worry, take your time. I prefer to wait something longer (much longer) if its worth it. That goes for all aspects of my life. Movies and stuff can be a great example. Rather longer waiting and therefore perfect as quickly bunched up shit. Same can be seen for comuter games.
So, take you time, as much as you want. I am already happy enough that there are really new things planned for WH at all and that someone gets really hands on it.

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Re: Rework of Defensive Doctrine - Concept

Postby mofetagalactica » 27 Sep 2017, 07:03

This , THIS SIR .. this is how every wh rework doc should be focused on and not every doc being "good at everything". Thanks for the work +10 :!:

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