Trench/ Hull Down installation and Fixes

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Trench/ Hull Down installation and Fixes

Postby Joonish98 » 12 Aug 2017, 04:38

Hello fellow users of the Blitzkrieg mod, my name is joonish and I have come with a small suggestion as to the mod and the games mechanics.

First let us discuss what the topic is, trenches and other forms of defolade cover. Since (and even before) the eighteenth century trenches and defolades are the most essential tools of a defense-in-depth strategy. A trench basically works by creating a low ground that can shelter troops from incoming gunfire as well as minimize the damage done by artillery and other indirect fire at the cost of a unit's mobility. One of the most famous examples of the trench being used was at the battle of Seelow heights, one of the last battles on the eastern front, where despite being put under the largest artillery concentration in history, managed to hold off a division size force of soviets. There are countless other famous examples of the trench being used in that war but what I am trying to get across is that they are quintessential in any military strategy.

Now onto the point of this rant on trenches. What concerns me in the Blitzkrieg mod is not how people use trenches (In fact I could care less) but the overall cost of them. In any strategy game TIME IS MONEY, and the trenches take a massive, if not unreasonable amount of time digging them. There is an average of about seven people in a squad, and for some reason it takes as long for them to build two or three steel tank traps to make them. Please reduce the amount of time it takes to make them. Another problem is the placement of them. That yellow box around them prevents me from putting them anywhere that is within five meters of another object or is on top of a rusty bicycle.

I really hope I have gotten the correct message across and that I am not too overbearing. I just want you, the developers, to consider a thought that has been weighing on me ever since I started playing the mod. Thank you for listening, and if there is anything I said that may need further explanation please comment on it.

Thank you,

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