Smoke cost

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Smoke cost

Postby Warhawks97 » 12 Aug 2017, 00:32

Smoke currently costs between 0-50 ammo.

Mortars and howitzers have 0 ammo cost currently.

Abilities like those of tetrarch or stug (that drop smoke on point) Puma vehicles (50 mm and 75 mm stubby version, also drop on a selected point in the area) or those that just pop out like Panther or shermans have a cost of 10-50 ammo.

Tank III and tank IV F2 drop for 10 for example, AB HQ 30 and others between 30 and 50 as well. (Jagdpanther as little exception for free). Shermans and Panther for 50 ammo.

So i would like to ask if we can make smoke cost varrying between 0 (indirect fire units) and 30 ammo. 50 seems quite a lot. Twice that of a nade and as much as an arty barrage.

What cost what at the end is open for discussion. Just that smoke abilties have a max cost of 30.

Also all mortars able to fire smoke but also all howitzer units? my core question however is the cost.

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Re: Smoke cost

Postby Redgaarden » 12 Aug 2017, 02:08

I used to dislike smoke on vehicles since it was pointless and they always got hit anyways. But I think I had one good experience using smoke (Actually was m20 command car Defence ability that does exactly the same as smoke) So thought I would say it's nice having cheap smoke I think having a high price to deter players is a much better option since it promotes agressive gameplay that will most often end badly.
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Re: Smoke cost

Postby Joonish98 » 12 Aug 2017, 04:58

I like the idea of smoke being available on tanks and to mortars, but I like to think of it as a strategic option that can both help assist units and change the dynamic of a battle. By using smoke it will force the opponent to hold position, fall back or commit him or herself to a close range engagement. It's flaw is that it needs time to form around the unit and in some cases, such as with the mortar is that it will ultimately be sacrificing a unit to cover another.

My opinion on it is that it should be made cheap on some units, such as M10s, Hellcats and other light armored tank destroyers, due to their glass cannon nature, and as for inderect fire I think they should be prices somewhere a bit lower but not exactly the price of incendiary ammunition. As for heavy tanks such as the tiger tank, it should be more expensive, because... why do you need smoke with one hundred and twenty millimeters of armor in between you and the enemy?

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