Do you have a balancing idea or suggestion? Read this first!

Do you have a balancing problem or do you want to make a suggestion for the game? You are at the right place.
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Do you have a balancing idea or suggestion? Read this first!

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Short version:
  • 1. Think about the impact on the overall gameplay and the other factions when making a suggestion.
    2. Be as detailed as possible if you desribe a balance issue.
    3. When making a suggestion, also describe the possible influence on balancing and why you think it wouldn't imbalance the game.
    4. Replay/Screenshot or it didn't happen!
    5. If you want a new vehicle or something else added there should be a model available for it.
    6. Do not make suggestions for the AI.
Long version:
1. Before posting a balancing suggestion please imagine for yourself, how the suggestion may influence the gameplay or what influence it would have on the other players/enemies.We know that everyone has his favorite faction/doctrine, but keep in mind that adding more units to them or changing the style of them also inflicts the overall balancing of BK and might heavily imbalance the game. I'll try to make some examples that have been voiced over and over again:
Include the Sturmtiger in BK
It would be expensive, need a lot of popcap, would cost a lot fo ammunition to fire and would have a huge cooldown.

It would be devastating, yes, but most of the time it would only stand around and be useless. So from a gameplay point-of-view it wouldn't make sense to include it, sorry.

Why not include German off-map railway artillery?
They would be DEVASTATING.

With BKs damage values a single hit of a 28 cm+ shell would nearly wipe out an entire base. How could this be balanced? Even if a salvo would cost 500+ ammunition this would still be imbalanced. Giving the allies the A-Bomb or a B-17 carpet-bombing run would lead to the same problem. I hope you get the point. Before you suggest a balance change, make sure you test the unit you think is overpowered/underpowered out by yourself. Play the faction that you think is imbalanced. Often you will find out that a certain unit isn't as good as it might seem in the first place. I can't stress this enough: please try to imagine the consequences of the desired change and imagine yourself in the opponents role facing the change. Often you'll find out that the impact on the gameplay would be heavier then you thought.

2. Be as specific as possible if you describe a situation. Any detail can be helpful to us. For example, if you refer to a Infantry vs. Infantry fight, we need to know the exact amount of Squads, their equipment (any weapon upgrades?) and the cover they had been in. Anything like this will be helpful to us. Posts like "My infantry X lost versus infantry Y" aren't detailed and if f.e. your Squad X was Veterancy 0 with standard weapons and the enemy Squad was Veterancy 5 with a lot of additional awesome weapons, that was most likely not a balancing issue. I think you'll get the point: a lot infos = very useful for us. Posted Image

3. When making a suggestion, also post the possible influence on balancing this might have and your reasons, why it wouldn't affect it in a negative way. It is pretty easy to figure out what influence a change could have if you imagine yourself as the enemy. How would you deal with your new suggested change? Would it be hard to counter or even be unfair? Please show us, that you made up your mind about this too. A lot of suggestions are ignoring this very important issue and it is crucial to know, which effect a change would have on the gameplay and balancing before making one.We might instantly close every thread that does not fulfil these few simple rules. We are the ones that have to be convinced by those suggestions so put up some good arguments and also consider the opposite side to keep balancing in mind. If pro and contra arguments have been considered in a suggestion, the chance to get our attention are a lot higher.

4. Show us a replay (if needed, best used to show balancing problems that couldn't be presented with a screenshot) or a screenshot (often sufficient, best for bugs) as a proof. We often get strange reports that often describe impossible situations that are neither reproducible or just impossible to happen code-wise. If you claim a Pershing-Ace was destroyed by a 20 mm cannon, show us a replay. Often things get heavily exaggerated and we don't want to waste our time on false claims. No proof, no right to complain.

5. Since the Blitzkrieg team does not has it own modeller or modelling team we can not create models for new vehicles or other stuff you want in the mod. I know many of you want a certain model vehicle added into the game. But without a proper model for this with animations and preferably a skin this is not going to happen.So if you want a vehicle being added into Blitzkrieg make sure it has a working model with animations and a skin.Do note this: We need the unit modeled and ready to be included. Else we can't include it. We can't let a useable model appear magically.

6. Do not make suggestions for the AI like the abilities the AI can use. Or what the AI can see or similar stuff.You can however make a suggestion about helping us complete the AI. For example someone has found a way to let the AI work better with reward units.
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