FlaK 40 and Pak 44

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FlaK 40 and Pak 44

Postby SWZSSR » 26 Dec 2014, 09:10

Two AXIS weapon suggestions

FlaK 40 and Pak 44

The availability of the models
A few models can be found on the internet, but I would believe it would be better suited to create new ones from scratch.

Are they animated?
Yes, just like the Flak 36 and Pak 43, but the dual mount Flak 40 version is a bit more complex for animations.

What should it replace (reward unit or an extra unit)
They should be extra units available to the Terror Doctrine or Luftwaffe Tactics

How would this affect the balance ( pro's and cons)
Pros: The Flak 40 would be a good extra for the Axis team to have more AA support against the Allies P47s, and other threats. The Pak 44 would be a great last resort weapon for a HQ attack.
Cons: Due to the insane firepower of the Flak 40, it would have to be expensive to use and only be available through a doctrine. The Pak 44 is quite rare, and it should only be a limited to 2 units.

Why do you want it?
Both were quite rare in the war, Currently NO mods has any. It would be a great bonus for the Blitzkrieg MOD




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Re: FlaK 40 and Pak 44

Postby QWERTYAndreas » 26 Dec 2014, 10:18

There is no model, so its not gonna happen.

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Re: FlaK 40 and Pak 44

Postby V13dweller » 26 Dec 2014, 11:03

He said there are models and animations, though we can't be certain unless they are linked.

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Re: FlaK 40 and Pak 44

Postby Wake » 26 Dec 2014, 22:58

Both of these are already in the game. Wehr def doc and Luft get 88's that are pretty much exactly the Flak 40, they shoot at planes.

Def Doc gets the Pak 43 which is a mobile 88mm AT gun. Why would anyone ever need the pak 44, which is 128mm? An 88 already destroys every single allied tank in the game, most with just a single shot. 128mm is ridiculous.

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Re: FlaK 40 and Pak 44

Postby Yummy » 27 Dec 2014, 21:40

Because the bigger, the better :D.

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