Do croc/Sherman crocodile/flame hetzer and incendiary nades

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Do croc/Sherman crocodile/flame hetzer and incendiary nades

Postby Panzer-Lehr-Division » 15 Mar 2017, 12:21

Hey folks i got some question i were askIng my self since this new Patch so let's get directly to it do flame hetzer croc etc flame also gives nerf to accuracy? or just the flamethrower and what's when a incendiary Nade is Thrown and inf stand in the flame ?. maybe i am in wrong topic move if so plz
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Re: Do croc/Sherman crocodile/flame hetzer and incendiary nades

Postby MarKr » 15 Mar 2017, 12:50

Once upon a time, during the evolution of written text wise people figured out that there should be something to indicate pauses in written text or also something to indicate end of a sentence. I know it sounds crazy but if you use that people will understand better what you are asking or saying. :D

EDIT: After some talk with Panzer-Lehr on steam - the question was if the flame tanks (Hetzer/Sherman Croc, Churchill Croc etc.) also apply nerfs on infantry as the infantry-carried flamethrowers do. No, they don't we applied it on infantry flamethrowers and Wasp (it was absolutely useless so to give it some edge too).

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