Panther overpriced. Especially Ausf.G avaliable to Wehrmacht

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Panther overpriced. Especially Ausf.G avaliable to Wehrmacht

Postby doubledippedchip » 02 Mar 2017, 02:47

The Panther (Ausf.G) only costs only 10 fuel and 60 manpower less than the Tiger and is only available to the Wehrmacht after upgraded production which costs 75 fuel.

Not only is this extremely unrealistic, as the Panther cost LESS than half of what the tiger cost to produce and used far less fuel, but this is unbalanced in gameplay. (117k reichsmarks for the Panther vs. 250k+ for the Tiger)

The Panther is excellent as a tank hunter as it's gun can penetrate almost every allied tank with ease and it has superb frontal armor, but it is almost useless against infantry. It's gun does very poorly against inf, even with high explosive rounds. It's side and rear armor is very weak, which, coupled with lack of the ability to kill or even suppress infantry, make it quite vulnerable against infantry anti-tank weapons when unsupported. This poor performance against infantry is realistic (the Panther wasn't the best against infantry) and it is OKAY. However, what needs to be changed is the panther's cost. Its price point of 890 mp 155 fuel makes it generally useless, especially you could almost produce two of the inexpensive "long barreled" 75mm PZ IV's for the same price. In my opinion, a balanced cost would be about 700-750 MP and a balanced fuel price would be between 100-120. Feel free to disagree and discuss.

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Re: Panther overpriced. Especially Ausf.G avaliable to Wehrmacht

Postby Tiger1996 » 02 Mar 2017, 03:55

Realistically, I then have to agree that all Panthers should cost less... However, realism isn't really an argument.. because this game is not based on realism after all. Realism is only one part of it!
Just to set everything straight:-
- Panther A (Blitz doc) costs about 850 MP / 140 fuel... Has a top turret MG gunner, can upgrade skirts.. but doesn't have periscope.

- Panther D (Luft doc) costs about 680 MP / 110 fuel... Doesn't have a top turret MG gunner, can upgrade skirts.. has a slow turret, and it doesn't have periscope either.

- Panther G (Terror doc) costs about 890 MP / 155 fuel... Has top turret MG gunner, skirts already upgraded.. can upgrade periscope.

>>> All of them have smoke ability.
I would say prices are fine, even though sometimes it can be actually overpriced when it's killed with 1 shot by a Firefly from distance... Have to admit that.

But if you take a closer look into it, the Panther A costs same as the Pershing.. and Panther D costs same as a Jackson! Only the Panther G is a little bit more expensive on the other hand, of which is totally fine in my humble opinion... Given its advantages.
Also, the Jackson needs the 1st upgraded production from tank depot... And doesn't even have HE rounds btw. Pershing needs the 2nd upgraded production as well. This explains why the Tiger1 is more expensive, since it doesn't require any of these!

But I would definitely disagree that it's weak against infantry; this is just not true. HE rounds were generally improved.. also handheld AT weapons now have 2 seconds aim time. in fact.. all tanks are now very good vs inf! Specifically the Panther G, as I even believe it's a serial inf killer by all means.

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Re: Panther overpriced. Especially Ausf.G avaliable to Wehrmacht

Postby MarKr » 02 Mar 2017, 21:31

Hello doubledippedchip and welcome to the forum.

I must say it is surprising that someone says that Panther G is useless when it is by many people considered to be the best tank in the mod. I must say that realism in this case is not a good argument because BK is not a war simulator and so some aspects of realism simply need to step aside to gameplay. Panther G has top MG that can rotate in 360° and is quite effective against infantry. As Tiger wrote it also comes with skirts installed (saves you 50 ammo iirc) and you can install on the tank a persicope which is actually the best one in the game because it is the only one that provides a significant accuracy boost - with it the tank rarely misses (if ever).
You mention poor anti-infantry capabilities. Many players have a feeling that they can roll out with tanks such as Tiger or Panther on their own because they are "one unit armies"...well, they are not. If you need better protection from infantry you need to bring some infantry or vehicles with you as support.

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Re: Panther overpriced. Especially Ausf.G avaliable to Wehrmacht

Postby Panzerblitz1 » 02 Mar 2017, 22:36

Panther G is one of the best unit in game, no doubt about it, and the price for pvp games in justified.

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