Vehicles - target auto-engaging

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Vehicles - target auto-engaging

Postby Devilfish » 29 Jan 2017, 11:43

So, you all know the awkward situation, when you are dog fighting another tank/vehicle with yours and once you lose a fire sight just for second, your tank immediately starts to turn towards some stupid insignificant target like OP or pios or mg emp or whatever. Or you rush from a flank to deal with a tank and on the way it will turn its turret 180 degrees out of the expected target because there is a enemy OP in the sight.

I know this is in theory solved by direct fire ability. But let's be honest, it's extremely clumsy and sentence you to operate just a single unit from your entire army, so can't very well micro your other units to support assault. Not speaking of turret and movement being connected, making it even more awkward (would be cool to control the movement with arrows like in MoW, but that's probably engine-impossible).

I know it would probably be a pain in the arse to do, as it would be required to alter every single vehicle in the game separately, but maybe beginning a long journey with uncertain finish? I'm talking about:
1. Vehicles will never auto-engage anything except fighting units (vehicles, infantry, support weapons), no OPs, buildings, sandbags, emps, nothing. These can be easily player-ordered if desired.
2. Adding a switch for every vehicle to auto-engage both infantry and vehicles or vehicles only. To make sure that if I have a duel against pershing, my panther won't aim, or god forbid, waste a shot on a stupid eng squad.
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